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flickering monitor

  tony-guitar 23:58 03 Oct 2011

This is my daughters pc, and this is her explanation. All i know about the pc is, its a Dell, skinny tower, ex NHS thats been wiped clean and XP reinstalled. 40gb HD and probably onboard graphics.Very basic. I figure there can only be 2 issues here, either the monitor has developed a fault (i'm trying to locate another to try) or its the on-board graphics chip. Should this be the case, i would like to add a graphics card, but how do i know if it will be compatible? No gaming req, just a basic card will do.

  onthelimit1 10:06 04 Oct 2011

If you decide to try a graphics card, you may have to look for a small-form one as it's a 'skinny tower'. Google the model of Dell and check the specs of the expansion slots to confirm what you need. s Something like this would be worth a punt, perhaps small form factor card

  wee eddie 10:31 04 Oct 2011

What type of Monitor?

Have you now seen the problem? You say that you are currently relying on your Daughter's description of it.

If it is a CRT then it's quite possible that the Refresh Rate needs to be changed to about 60Hz

  tony-guitar 11:34 04 Oct 2011

Its a flat screen. i will get her to check the connections, and in the meantime i'm trying to source a loan monitor just to eliminate it (or otherwise). I've just clicked the link for the Small form factor card and how cheap is that?

  robin_x 11:39 04 Oct 2011

My old monitor starting flickering due to a dodgy solder joint or somesuch.

Sometimes I could cure it for a while by squeezing the bezel (not the glass) with the palm of my hand and fingers at the back edge.

Work all the way round all four edges, if hers does the same it will obviously be a monitor fault.

In my case, my brother had a spare monitor which saved the pennies.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:31 04 Oct 2011

tried connecting to a flatsceen TV?

is the problem still the same?

  tony-guitar 23:01 04 Oct 2011

Not tried those fixes (she doesn't live at home), but i've managed to get the loan of another monitor for her to try. She's picking it up tomorrow, so i'll know more by the evening. Thanks for help, will keep you posted - Tony

  wee eddie 00:34 05 Oct 2011

Just a thought:

I know that some Monitors are back-lit by a couple of Neon (Type) Tubes. Maybe one of those is failing.

  tony-guitar 10:24 05 Oct 2011

Hi, I've been given the error messages my daughter encounters on her monitor. With pc off and monitor on - 'In power save mode'. Pressing any key as requested doesn't do anything. With pc on, the message reads 'Autofocus in progress'. Any further suggestions guys?

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