Flickering Green Dots on random parts of screen

  jasa004 14:27 07 Nov 2016

So i've recently just got these Green flickering dots on random parts of the screen. Mostly on desktop and while gaming. Its quite annoying. I've read many threads on internet but i'm not really sure about them. They are not constant and appear randomly, even when just browsing the internet. Same as in gaming, they appear randomly...


Could it be dust? Overheating? Is it the GPU or the Monitor?

LAPTOP: Alienware m14x r1


Monitor connected with HDMI Cable (if that helps in any way)

MONITOR PROBLEM: Sometimes when its cold in my room and i turn the laptop on and monitor, as soon as windows starts and it gets to my desktop the monitor will do like "scratch" noise and screen flashes black like its restarting the monitor for quite some time (approx 5min) than it stops.

In the past years of using this computer on games, i've never experienced this. Games i play mostly and in which i've seen the dots: GTA V, Arma 3, DayZ, WoW

EDIT: While typing this post, purple-ish dots were flashin in the window where u type/format the post (so in this window where i typed this message and the rest of the post above)

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  jasa004 20:38 07 Nov 2016

bump :(

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