flickering in firefox

  monkon2 22:48 25 Jun 2005

hi all,

i have just made the move over to firefox,having just downloaded and installed it i was impressed by how simple and pleasant to use it was. i however have one problem, while viewing, the pages i browse have a tendency to flicker constantly, i have had nothing similar happen in IE and to be honest, its putting me off using an otherwise excellent browser. google has yielded only a few vague answers but nothing concrete and certainly no cures for it.

does anyone have any suggestions as to why this happens and is there a way to remedy the problem?

thanks in advance

  Stuartli 23:01 25 Jun 2005

I've been using Firefox for nearly a year and never experienced this particular problem.

Have you checked your monitor's refresh rate? It should be at a minimum of 85Mhz to prevent flicker for the majority of people.

  [email protected] 23:07 25 Jun 2005

Do you mean a constant flicker? If so how bad? Or is it only happening at certain times?

Only thing that springs to my mind apart from refresh rate is the smooth scroll feature in Tools, Options, Advanced, Browsing - if it is only happening when you scroll pages.


  octal 23:52 25 Jun 2005

Yes, I used to get flickering on certain sites that used Macromedia Flash Player, Lycos was particularly troublesome click here they seemed to have changed something because I haven't seen that problem for a while.

Do you have a link to one of the sites that's giving you grief?

  monkon2 01:42 26 Jun 2005

its happening even when im just viewing a static page, even google is doing it, and the flicker is constant , no matter what site i go to, my refresh rate is ok, i tried various settings, was still there after, im at a loss as to why this is happening!

thanks for the link, will check it out and ley u know how i got on

  octal 08:15 26 Jun 2005

I think this is a known bug. Try this add a bookmark to the toolbar. Or View Toolbars uncheck Bookmarks Toolbar.

  monkon2 11:05 26 Jun 2005

wow, something that simple seems to have cured it, thanks very much for that, most appreciated everyone


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