Flickering extended desktop LCD screen

  jimforrest 22:22 28 Aug 2012

My other posts in the Win7 forum have explained that I have a new Samsung laptop running 64bit Win7 with 6gig of RAM. This has replaced an Acer laptop which (for some reason) continually overheated. On both setups I had an extended desktop with an LCD screen (same screen now on the Samsung). The trouble is - it flickers now! The Acer also had 64bit Win7 and setting up the extended desktop was a doddle, taking less than 30 seconds. On the Samsung (with the same, but 2 years younger, OS), it took me over half an hour! The process is completely different and not very intuitive at all. At the end of the process the extended screen works, but no matter what resolution or refresh rate I set - it has a discernable flicker. Currently It's set to 1440 x 900 and 60hz. 75hz makes no difference. When on the Acer it sorted itself out and worked fine without flicker. What's intriguing is that the flicker varies. It seems that whenever 'something' in the laptop is working hard, the flicker increases. At rest, with no keyboard or RAM activity, the flicker is almost invisible, but when it's loading a programme or running Youtube it flickers really badly. I've looked for vibration, loose connections etc of course. Any ideas chaps?

  difarn 23:01 28 Aug 2012

I had this on a laptop and solved it by unchecking "Enable ATI Overdrive" in Catalyst Control Center - the graphics card was Radeon.

How are you connecting the second screen to the laptop? Is this any different to the connection you had with the previous laptop.

  jimforrest 23:46 28 Aug 2012

Hi difarn - Device manager shows two graphics controllers, AMD Radeon HD 6470M, and AMD Radeon(TM) HD 6520G. Under Properties it seems no adjustments are possible and no reference to ATI. Connection is by the same D connector and cable as on the Acer.

  jimforrest 20:33 30 Aug 2012

Blast - difarn gave me a 'taster' of a solution to the flickering but now seems to have disappeared! Does anyone else know how to turn the video accelleration off in Win7? My comp has an AMD Vision control centre and not a Catalyst one and nothing is adjustable!

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