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  alan in spain 19:15 18 Apr 2005

ivw just bought a samsung 910v lcd monitor

but when i use it with my system ( athlon 2,100, radeon 9250 and 512 of ram) to play a dvd the images seem to lag.

is this normal that the lcd cant keep up ? have i wasted my money as i watch a lot of dvds.

have i fallen for the admen speak thinking i would improve my setup

the text is good and photos are good but it just doesnt seem to cope well with moving video.

any help or advice greatly received as i have 14 days to exchange.

by the way its sunny here again !!!! lololo

  rubella 19:26 18 Apr 2005

sounds more like a codec problem

  Technotiger 19:28 18 Apr 2005

I am pretty sure it should not 'lag'. Many of us are using tft's but I have not heard of lagging before.

It's very sunny here too in Southsea.

  Technotiger 19:29 18 Apr 2005

ps - perhaps you should update your graphics card.

  Pooke100 19:32 18 Apr 2005

Where the DVDs playing fine before the change to a TFT? Everythings the same you haven't installed or changed any software?

If the answer is yes to the above questions then change back to a CRT or get a better TFT.

Gamers and the like are said to prefer CRTs but it's debatable. TFTs have come along way recently.

  alan in spain 19:33 18 Apr 2005

that graphics card I just bought it !!!!

its a 256meg card wich i thought would be good enough

sunny in southsea ?? you sure you havent got a mural over the windows LOL

  Technotiger 19:43 18 Apr 2005

Your card certainly should be ok, if only recently fitted though I would suggest refitting it to make absolutely sure of a good fit, graphics cards, as you probably are aware, can be very fussy about how they are seated.

It is always sunny in Southsea. Temperature in my pent-house suite is 24C.


  alan in spain 20:52 18 Apr 2005

have found a web link which details my problem so any of you that are interested may want to go have a look too its at click here

thanx guys i will let you know how i get on.

  g0nvs 20:58 18 Apr 2005

A response time of 25ms I think is a bit slow for watching DVDs.

  DieSse 21:01 18 Apr 2005

This monitor has a response time of 25msec. This is quite slow by the standards of the latest screens. It's probably enough to cause a lag/blurring effect of fastish moving images.

Many current TFT monitors have a response time of 16ms or less - even down to below 10ms.

  rubella 21:59 18 Apr 2005

Given that you have the opportunity to exchange it, it sounds like the best idea. I personally use a 12ms response time screen, but that is for gaming.

Still, given your problem is with DVD not gaming I’m quite surprised the 25ms response time is significant enough to be a problem. There’s a review of a Samsung with a 25ms time in last months PC stats. True, it is a very different model but I would have expected the below to generalize.

“Users who spend a lot of time gaming, and are hyper-sensitive how things look at 400FPS, will undoubtedly be best served by sticking with a CRT monitor. For those of you who aren't as anal about an LCD display with 25ms pixel refresh times, I think you'll find the 173P's other screen qualities lend themselves to a nice vibrant picture. Office work is a given, and I think Samsung 173P will keep any user more than happy for quite some time as they fiddle around on their PC, or even sit back and watch a DVD.”

click here

Perhaps you are right on a line.

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