Flat screen problem

  TOFF 20:33 31 Oct 2004

I have had a 15in Proview screen for nearly 2 years and I have noticed that it has started suddenly to change shade (e.g. go blueish or greenish or go a little lighter or darker). Sometimes, when this happens, it is all over very quickly (a flutter and then back to normal) whislt at other times it goes on for several seconds going through several variations. So far it has not remained in a 'shaded' state. Is this a sign that I will shortly need to replace it or is it reparable?
Any advice greatly appreciated.

  harps1h 23:59 31 Oct 2004

could be a couple of things. try the obvious first like check the connections on your graphics card and the back of your monitor. also you could try your monitor on another pc or conversely try a different flat screen on your pc. do this before you jump in and buy another monitor

  bvw in bristol 00:26 01 Nov 2004

The first thing I would do is check when the warranty ends.

Find your receipt etc. After taking harps1h's advice, if you find the TFT is faulty and your warranty has expired you'll kick yourself.

Most monitors have a 3 year warranty thankfully, I'm waiting now for my 2nd replacement TFT.

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