Flat Screen Monitors

  Randum Ian 10:27 08 Apr 2003

If I was to buy a flat-screen monitor which has the same viewing screen as
a 17" monitor what do I need to buy. Also what should I look out for in
terms of quality, refresh rates, etc?

Can anyone help me? Regards, Ian.

  Sir Radfordin™ 10:31 08 Apr 2003

You could get away with a 15" TFT, but it would be best to go for a 17" to really appreciate it.

Check out the reviews on this site for what is good and what is not.

Make sure you understand about dead pixles before you buy so you won't be disapointed should you have one or two dead pixles that aren't enough to qualifiy as a fault.

Also check out how much movement you get in the screen. They often have very limited adjustment in terms of height, and this may not suit all users.

Pay a visit to PC World or similar even if just to get a feel for what one is like.

  mole44 10:39 08 Apr 2003

tft screens are ok but look at the pictures side by side with a normal vdu.i think you`ll find the picture on a vdu far better.i wouldn`t get a tft screen if they were free.

  €dstow 10:43 08 Apr 2003

Flat screen is a term used for a type of CRT which has, believe it or not a flat screen. The term is also used loosely, and possibly incorrectly, for a TFT screen. Which do you mean?

If TFT, I agree entirely with mole44.


  Randum Ian 11:06 08 Apr 2003

I thought the picture on a CRT flat-screen was supposed to be better? What about the LCD option or am I now getting confused with all the different names?

A bewildered Ian.

  mikeyb59 11:13 08 Apr 2003

I have a flat screen LCD display and wouldn't go back to CRT for anything.

Won't bother you with make/model as mine is sixteen months old with no problems.

A 15" TFT is roughly comparable with a 17" CRT.

Regarding the dead pixel issue - this is becoming less of a problem as time goes by. Only suggestion - try and see before you buy. You won't regret the purchase.

  €dstow 11:15 08 Apr 2003

A flat screen CRT is the best in my opinion, especially if you are doing anything with linear graphics where the much reduced distortion is a boon.

The best display option of those currently available is the plasma screen but you do need a fair amount of money to pay for one.


  €dstow 11:19 08 Apr 2003

Don't be put off my comments about TFT screens. Of the ten people here, eight (including me) would only use CRT's and the other two TFT. We would all like to use the plasma screen we have but that's for client presentations.

As mikeyb59 says, try before you buy. Go to your local computer superstore and use/play with each type for as long as you can before they threaten to throw you out.


  Sir Radfordin™ 11:20 08 Apr 2003

If deskspace (and strength!) isn't a problem when something like the iiyama 22" 512 vision pro montior is great. Ok its massive, and weight is something like 25kg+ but it is a great bit of kit and very kind on the eyes.

If deskspace is a problem then TFT is the way to go, but that I believe is its only real advantage.

A year or so ago it was claimed at the cost saved in running a TFT screen compared to a CRT was enough over 3 years of business use to compensate for the initial price difference at purchase.

  Inigo 13:51 08 Apr 2003

I have a LCD screen on my laptop, and the new computer we just bought has a TFT screen (no dead pixels as yet, am crossing fingers. :) )

I much prefer them to CRT screens - they're smaller, don't get affected by nearby power extension leads as one of my CRT monitors does (although it is an old one...), and is a lot easier on the eyes. Have had no problem with image quality at all.

As a 15" TFT monitor is the equivalent of a 17" CRT, I would personally go for one of those - and will do when I've saved up the money for the LG 1510P TFT screen which I have my eye on... :) But do go and have a look at them in a computer shop, debate about size, compare image quality etc. Then make your own mind up if you want to spend a bit extra to get a TFT screen, or a normal CRT one.

BTW, DVI TFT monitors are reputed to be much better than ones with a normal connection; sharper image etc. Would reccomend one of those if you have a graphics card with DVI-out.

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