flat screen monitor looks blurred

  chriscross72 14:08 24 Apr 2004

I recently bought a proview 14' flatscreen monitor which is ok except for the fact that everything on screen seems to be blurred.....word documents internet page script etc etc.....is there anything i can do to sharpen up the images on the screen ??
i have windows 2000 pro
onboard graphics
512 mb ram

  VoG II 14:10 24 Apr 2004
  chriscross72 14:24 24 Apr 2004

thanks VoG.....unfortunately i have windows 2000 and the cleartype page tells me it only works with XP

  Mikè 14:26 24 Apr 2004

Are you running at the displays native reolution?

  Mikè 14:27 24 Apr 2004

That should be resolution....

  chriscross72 14:43 24 Apr 2004

the display is set to 600x800

  Djohn 14:58 24 Apr 2004

Thats your problem! Try 1024x768 and you will be able to cut your fingers! ;o)

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