flat screen monitor for DOS

  Dave from Miami 19:58 21 Oct 2003

I want to find a flat screen (LCD) monitor to display a dos box within windows. But I need a monitor that can go to low resolution so the box will not be tiny and the text will fill the screen.

Any recommendations will be helpful.

Thanx (again)....

Dave in Miami, Florida.

PS I still use WordStar for DOS -- the best wordprocessor ever!

  PA28 20:03 21 Oct 2003

LCDs have native fixed resolutions - 1024x768 for a 15" which is way off DOS resolution. Image on these is awful. I agree with you on Wordstar but it's 15 years since I last used it. Still cold and miserable here!

  PA28 20:05 21 Oct 2003

I should have said "image on these IN DOS is awful". In Windows they're great!

  PA28 20:31 21 Oct 2003

Though I stand to be corrected, I don't think even that will make DOS look half decent on a TFT.

  PA28 20:34 21 Oct 2003

Ok - take your point!

  Dave from Miami 02:35 25 Oct 2003

Surely some LCD monitors must be "better" than others for displaying a dos box . . . . can someone make a recommendation?

Dave in Miami

  Djohn 02:47 25 Oct 2003

Sorry, but all TFT's lose out on display quality when you move off the native resolution. I use a 17" TFT and it's terrific in win. XP. Also got WordStar for DOS, but don't use it now.

I was looking through Toms hardware the other day and apparently there are some new monitors due for release any time now. They combine the best of CRT resolution and are the same size as a TFT. Nice flat screen but with glass. Regards. j.

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