Flat Panel Display

  [DELETED] 02:23 14 Aug 2003

Is a response time of 25ms respectable enough to watch DVD's without ghosting / blurring etc?

  [DELETED] 02:28 14 Aug 2003

Absolutely, I have an 17" AOC TFT. Think the response time is up in the 30's and it will display movies/games, and the demanding 3D Mad onion graphics test with ease. j.

  [DELETED] 03:43 14 Aug 2003

A response time of 25 milliseconds means the LCD is capable of displaying 40 frames per second (theoretically). 25ms is quite common these days, no need to worry. Watching DVD is definitely fine.

  [DELETED] 00:05 15 Aug 2003

Thanks foks. By the way,do you two ever sleep???

  [DELETED] 00:18 15 Aug 2003

Spend many nights sat at the PC, problem with sleep sometimes :o(

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