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  lex_davies 15:35 15 Nov 2003

I dont really see a need for some websites to have loads of flash on it. For me when i go to a site i don't want to wait ages for something to download like a graphic or file. Even the ISDN line i got speed is still sometimes slow. While it's ok to have the odd flash animation or graphic but when it completely covers a website as i've seen a lot of web sites designed with flash only it can sometimes take the enjoyment out of the site if you wait ages (and by ages i mean 2 or 3 minutes) for something to appear. U can still design a high impact web site using just your trusty frontpage website creation package, i thinkthe design of web sites are like money, there's only so much you really need the rest is just to show of.

  Taran 15:58 15 Nov 2003

Are we related at all ?

You've just echoed my own overall opinion almost verbatim.

I like Flash a lot and I'm using it more and more, but this is mainly for presentation purposes over fast connections or from a media source (like hard drive or CD ROM) where the read speed is more than fast ebough to prevent any real stuttering.

One area that I'm really into is Flash web applications, particularly multiple forms, where a combination of Flash with Actionscript tied into PHP or ASP processes form data for commerce sites and similar.

Everyone went Flash mad a couple of years ago in the web design world and the novelty has sadly not yet worn off for some. I don't feel that a Flash intro movie has much to offer in support of site content in about 99.9% of cases. I have seen the odd movie site or specialist niche site that does benefit from a dramatic introduction, but as you say, if your visitors are sitting there waiting, and waiting, and waiting...

Until every man and his dog is on very fast broadband, Flash has little appeal to me as a designer for websites. I'll stick with it for web applications or for media and education projects that are delivered over known, fast networks or from CD.

I've not used Flash for 'decorative' purposes on any site for nearly two years now. I've been asked to incorporate it, but so far at least, I've managed to put a convincing argument forward to persuade clients to rethink.

Anyway, the short version of all this is yes, I agree !



  PurplePenny 20:35 15 Nov 2003

Or an absolute eternity for those of us out in broadband limbo. Unless it is a site that I really need to visit a Flash intro movie makes me go elsewhere.

Thankfully some sites have at least added a "skip intro" link.


  Forum Editor 00:11 17 Nov 2003

Flash is fine, on the right site, and in the right context, but unfortunately a lot of designers haven't got the message. They adopt the "I'll use any gizmo going, just to show I can" style of design, failing to understand that in most cases a web site is a marketing tool - put there to attract potential customers.

I'll move heaven and earth to dissuade clients from insisting I include Flash animations on their sites - unless it's restricted to a small company ident animation, such as a logo.

When we all have 2048k ADSL connections I'll pile on the Flash animations, but until then I'll concentrate on designing for clarity and speed (and I hope a modicum of style).

  Ben Avery 14:57 21 Nov 2003

And of course...LOT'S of "verdana"!!!



  A_World_Maker 13:40 23 Nov 2003

I have been using flash for some years now, but I still limit its use on websites, to controlling media such as voice overs, playing of specific music when the visitor requests the playing of the same.
There is no need to create blurred graphic menus unless they 'improve' the methodology or useability of the core information. Great for animated games *yawn* though.

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