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flashing yellow bar on startup

  zoobie 19:48 29 Apr 2006

I'm starting to get an alternating amber and yellow flashing bar aross the middle of my screen right as bios is starting on startup. Then, the computer shuts off. After several attempts, it will finally start up. What's this a warning of? Thanks

  zoobie 23:24 29 Apr 2006

I just noticed the bar says "CPU fan has failed and will overheat" or somesuch. I think I'd better get in there and take a look...Seems too quiet now that I think about it.

  zoobie 23:56 29 Apr 2006

I just got in there and wiped most of the grunge away but it makes a noise then slows way down. I'll have to order another one. Any tips for a AMD 2600 Athlon fan while we're at it?

  zoobie 00:07 30 Apr 2006

Forget it...I found some online at a reputable place. Thanks

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