flashing wireless network LED's

  Beverley Stevens 10:47 05 Sep 2007

I have a network of four computers, three work fine. The fourth, a Lenovo, when it is idle flashes its wireless inicator LED, but also what concers me is that the indicators on my Netgear extender and on the modem/router flash as well. I have a history of the server disconnecting and the router will not re-connect unless I re-boot it, could this be the cause or do I have two problems. Any help will be grateful;ly received.

Bev Stevens.

  brundle 10:54 05 Sep 2007

Intermittent occasional activity just shows the two are communicating, even when idle a connection still needs to be maintained.
If it is extended flashing with regular on/off periods and obviously different to its behaviour when working normally that may indicate something else, but would be down to the individual manufacturer, and ought to be mentioned in the manual.

  ShanghaiDave 14:45 05 Sep 2007

I'd also advise you to check for any nasties which might be present, viruses, spyware and so on. (If you are unfamiliar with the available software spybot and adaware are two good programs to start with).

With your connection constantly in use it may be down to a program trying to call home.

Also check for things such as Windows Update, if it is a new pc/laptop it could simply be downloading the latest updates from the MS website.

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