Arokh. 17:58 28 Jan 2003

I have downloaded the latest version of my bios from Asus I have copied this to a bootable floppy, I am given the option to "Type the filename of your new BIOS and the path, for examble A:\XX211002.AWD and then press enter".

obviously A:\ refers to the floppy but how would I know what XX211002.AWD refers to and were can/how can I find it, as I am unabled to flash my bios without it, my bios refuses any filename I enter.

for the record my motherboard is: a Asus CUWE-RM
Intel Celeron 370 my bios is: Award Bios version 1008 dated 1999

  Djohn 18:16 28 Jan 2003

Well AWD is the bios bit and I think that (XX211002) should be replaced with the code no of your download.

Please wait for conformation on this, as I am only making an assumption! J.

  ardvarc 18:28 28 Jan 2003

Try this link. It is for Award flash but for a ECS board. It might give you a better idea until someone in the know of Asus boards comes along.

click here

  Rayuk 18:38 28 Jan 2003

Instructions for flashing bios on Asus boards
click here

  pc moron 18:41 28 Jan 2003

You will also need a program called AFLASH.EXE- copy it to the floppy disk.

Boot from the disk, load AFLASH.EXE and follow the instructions to the letter.

AFLASH>EXE should be on your motherboard CD or download it from the ASUS website.

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