Flashing BIOS

  Jomi 17:41 27 Aug 2003

Is this procedure risky?
Are there any benefits or is it best just left alone?


  -pops- 17:50 27 Aug 2003

Yes it is risky and you can easily destroy your machine if it goes wrong. Only do it if absolutely essential and you've tried everything else.

  The Transporter 17:50 27 Aug 2003

people do say that if your pc is running fine then leave it but usually a bios update these days mean more settings and options, especially with overclocking type boards.

Here is how i do it with my Abit NF7_S v2 mobo, but it can be used for any motherboard.

For Abit mobo's, download the bios file which is for your exact board. (click here)

Double click it so it unzips the files. In the NF7-S v2 case it is five files.

Put these directly onto the C: so none of them are in any folders.

The bios files are kept on the hard drive to avoid reading pauses or floppy drive malfunctions during the actual flashing of the bios.

This enables for a much faster and more reliable flash.

restart the pc and go into the bios, select default settings (this is important!) and make sure the a: is the 1st boot device.

Save and reboot again using a floppy boot disk. So you can get to a pure dos state.

when you end up at the a: prompt

type "c:" with no question marks

Then in the NF7 case just type "runme" with no question marks.

Then follow the instructions. (basically keep pressing enter)

It will automatically show you the bios update file in the window. Click ok and then it will flash. It will then prompt you to press a key. Do this and let it save all the settings. DO NOT MANUALLY TURN IT OFF.

As it reboots take the floppy disk out so it will then stop booting because it cant find the hard disk to boot up off.

Turn the pc off at the mains or by the power switch.

Take out the cmos jumper. Put it in the other position for about a minute and then put it back to its original position.

Turn the pc back on, go back into the bios and redo your personal settings. Then save and reboot.

Then on the bottom line of your boot screen the last 2 numbers will show the new bios version you have installed.

Hope it helps.

You must reset the cmos as this is very important!

  -pops- 17:53 27 Aug 2003

I stand by what I said in my first response.

You can easily destroy your machine if it goes wrong. Do not carry out this procedure unless you are completely certain of what you are doing unless, of course, you have suicidal tendencies.

  Jomi 17:56 27 Aug 2003

Thank you for going to so much trouble to explain the procedure, it was very kind of you to do that.

When my heartbeat slows a little, I'll follow Pops advice.

I don't NEED to flash the BIOS, there isn't anything wrong, I was simply thinking along the same lines as updating drivers for better performance.

  The Transporter 18:15 27 Aug 2003

glad i could help, and hope it helps if you ever do need to flash the bios in the future.


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