Flashing ADSL

  ZZ Top 19:14 30 Jun 2008

For over a week I have been unable to get online as the ADSL light on my router (SpeedTouch330) is flashing. Tiscali have been no help whatsoever, but I have found that if I am making a phone call, or if I even take the phone off the hook without dialing, then the ADSL light comes steady and I can connect! I have tried all the usual fixes like replacing the filters, reinstalling the software, replacing the phone wires and even replacing the phone, all to no avail. Tiscali sent me a new router, but this made no difference. I am at my wits end so any assistance would be very gratefully received. Running XP.

  FatboySlim71 20:40 30 Jun 2008

It does sound like a faulty or poor quality filter, arguable the best filters you can buy are these click here

Also the below site I find is extremely useful for broadband related problem solving, you will however need to register to post a question, but this is free : )

click here

  Ditch999 21:08 30 Jun 2008

Try plugging the modem directly in to the BT master socket (remove the face plate if its the newer type and plug it in the exposed socket.) If the modem connects ok then it is a fault either with your internal extension wiring or your filters. (Dont forget Sky boxes, faxes etc need filters Too)

  RobCharles1981 21:26 30 Jun 2008

Hi ZZ Top

As far as I know Tiscali is one of the worst rated ISP's on the click here website, as FatboySlim71 I would advise you to sign to the forum pages because you will get professional help from the users there.

With the Flashing ADSL Light that certainly sounds like a dodgy filter playing up.

How long do you have left in Tiscali becase there are better ISP's to consider.



  ZZ Top 17:59 01 Jul 2008

Unbelievable, everything is working! All I have done is, as you suggested, plugged the router direct into the main socket. The ADSL light came on steady so I obviously thought there must be a problem with one of the wires between the socket and my computer - despite the fact that I changed them all yesterday and the router still didn't work. Anyhow, as I had used another new filter (the 4th) to test the router this time I thought, just for peace of mind, I would try my connnection with the old wires and with this filter, just to rule out the other 3 filters being broken. I connected first time and have had uninterrupted access since.
Many thanks to everyone who came to my assistance. I have learned a lot about what I can do to solve things like this in the future.
I also agree absolutely with the remarks about Tiscali and I am looking for a decent alternative, but we are due to move house then so will probably wait until then. Thanks again

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