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  geedad 09:20 11 Sep 2011

Windows 7, Home premium, i5 intel. I am having continuous trouble with trying to update from to Adobe Flash Player. I have had good advice and help from forum members, but further problems seem to crop up. I have now downloaded both the uninstall app. and the install app., which are waiting in my downloads box ready for me to use. I was in the process of uninstalling AFP, but could not get past the box which stated "Uninstall will continue when the following applications are removed": 'Internet explorer' and 'servicemanager'. It was no problem with IE, but I cannot get past the "servicemanager" because I don't know what it is or how to disable it! I have Searched and found the following: ServiceManagerStatus.flg Next: ProgramFiles(X86)IntelAppStoreBin.SERVICEMANAGER.EXE (twice with .bak on one) 2 with VIRGINMEDIASERVICEMANAGER.EXE (plus 1 with.bak) Further 4 just showing servicemanager servicemanager..... etc What clever Forum member can solve this for me!! Don't ask me how it happened, but I DID install AFP, but could not get streaming video, as I did prior to installation. I did disable AVG, as suggested, so I don't know why it is not working. geedad

  birdface 09:34 11 Sep 2011

Run malwarebytes first to see if it finds any problems.

If you do not use Virginmedia Security you can remove it.

If you have uninstalled Flash Player and downloaded the new version without running it on to your computer switch the computer of and restart in safe mode without networking and se if the new version will install Ok on there.

  geedad 09:50 11 Sep 2011

buteman Thanks. I will try again using your advice, and let you know how I get on. geedad

  geedad 22:32 11 Sep 2011

buteman. Done everything as suggested by yourself and other Forum members.Latest AFP installed ,but does not open any live streaming video. I still get the "Loading Player" animated icon, but that just won't go through.I could go for Restore, but it does not show an installation point for Adobe, although there are Windows restore points. Can't understand why Adobe is so difficult to get to work. I have used their video software, but gave up after needing a degree to get through it all! So, despite your welcome advice, it still doesn't work. Any further advice would be welcome. geedad

  birdface 09:20 12 Sep 2011

I had the same problem for about a fortnight and tried everything without success then tried this.

Try the Zoom on your browser and make sure it is set to 100% and see if flash starts working ,If not remove Flash again and reinstall it with the Zoom still at 100%.

Now that is the only thing that worked for me.Mind you that was with XP.

The obvious question You are downloading the proper flash version it will show in add remove as Active Exe for I/E and Plug In for Firefox.

And remove all old versions.

  birdface 09:23 12 Sep 2011

Ok just a thought you are using the 32Bit version of I/E and not the 64Bit version.

All Programs and look for I/E and do not use the one that says I/E 64Bit.

  birdface 09:25 12 Sep 2011
  birdface 09:55 12 Sep 2011

Another one to try.

All programs.Right click the I/E that does not say 64Bit and click on run as administrator and see if your flash works Ok doing that.

  geedad 22:19 13 Sep 2011


I must apologise. I missed a couple of your replies - don't know why. I DO have both IE (64) and IE (32), but of course, I have only been trying to get AFP working in (32), to no avail. Thank you for your further suggestions. My System Type is 64-bit OS.

I have Google Chrome installed, and for some inexplicable reason, I decided to go to the Google Website, asked it to look for streaming live videos,typed in 'Times Square' AND GOT WONDERFUL STREAMING LIVE VIDEO! Now I can access any of the live sites that I did previously, so I am happy with that. Thank you once again for your ever invaluable help and advice. geedad (Still can't understand why I missed your latter emails)

  birdface 22:23 13 Sep 2011

Not to worry as long as you have got it working now.

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