Flash player in IE7 and Vista

  radi8or 09:48 13 Apr 2009

Hi all,

Not a major problem more a niggle I can't seem to cure.
Vista HP
In IE7 if I try to view anything in Yuo Tube it says either I don't have Java enabled or I need the latest Flash player.
It works fine in Opera and Firefox.
Have Security set to default level
Have uninstalled flash and reinstalled with admin privilage, works for while then drops out.
Have reinstalled Java.
The only thing is if I go to Tools> Internet Options> Advanced, Java doesn't seem to be listed which I think it should be, but it is in Control Panel and in browser addons it is enabled as is Flash.
Have tried a lot of solutions from google search but none are permanent.

Any ideas gratefully accepted.

Regards Bob

  Stuartli 11:51 13 Apr 2009

There are separate versions of Flash Player for IE and for other browsers such as Firefox.

You can download the latest versions from:

click here

Both work alongside each other.

If you download from the official website, each browser will have the correct plug-in downloaded but it does mean, of course, you have to do it individually with each browser.

  birdface 11:55 13 Apr 2009

Just check it is not disabled in your add-ons if so enable it.

  Stuartli 12:43 13 Apr 2009

radi8or states in his thread that "..and in browser addons it is enabled as is Flash.."

  radi8or 13:04 13 Apr 2009

Hi guys,

Thanks for responses both.

Stuartli: Have uninstalled flash with Adobe uninstaller also shockwave just in case and have d/l from your link, at the moment it's working fine, but we shall see.

"...the only thing is if I go to Tools> Internet Options> Advanced, Java doesn't seem to be listed which I think it should be."

do you think the above would affect it in anyway seems flash relies on java in some way?

  Stuartli 13:56 13 Apr 2009

It should be listed under Java (Sun) and the version listed in the Advanced tab.

I use Firefox for 98 per cent of the time, but I still keep the IE Flash Player unpdated.

Try installing the latest version of Java from:

click here+(RM)6+Update+12

  radi8or 16:27 13 Apr 2009

A quick update, got flash working but as soon as I restarted computer it was back to normal, Java Script not enabled or version of Flash install.

Tried installing IE8 wich I dumped a couple of weeks ago thinking maybe it was the cause.

Looks like i'm stuck using Opera or Firefox for any Flash content.

Will leave this open for while just in case anyone comes up with a stunning plan. If I find a cure will post back.

Regards Bob

  birdface 17:05 13 Apr 2009

Tried installing IE8 .Unfortunately when installing IE8 it removes some of the add-ons and leaves empty files instead but it still says Flash enabled.It tells you not available although it says enabled.

Whether this is also the case when you go back to IE7 I don't know.Did you make sure show updates was ticked when going back to IE7.

  radi8or 17:30 13 Apr 2009


When I uninstalled IE8 and still couldn't play flash I installed and uninstalled it so many times I got a headache. :0)))

Updates were enabled

What I don't understand is when I go to the flash site it says enable Java Script and the only place that it isn't shown is in Advanced in I/Options where you can enable/disable it.

Thanks for suggestion anyway

Regards Bob

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