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  cefn8 12:55 09 Aug 2013

Hi All

Please could somebody help whenever I want to watch television or listen to the radio after A very short time all I get is the buffering circle and that's where it stays.

(window8 4gigram 640gighard drive with plenty of space)flash player latest issue.

any help would be very welcome


  savim 13:21 09 Aug 2013

Windows 8 updates and runs the Flash player itself,you have not updated it from elsewhere have you.

  wee eddie 13:26 09 Aug 2013

This is usually caused by insufficient Broadband Speed or bandwidth USwitch Speed Test.

Sometimes, you may not be getting sufficient Download Speed, at other times, it maybe that there are so many people downloading that system has insufficient bandwidth.

  cefn8 13:54 09 Aug 2013

Hi All

Thanks for the reply download speed 11.5mbs download speed 1meg upload is that ample speed or do I need more.

                       Thanks Again
  wee eddie 16:10 09 Aug 2013

Your Speed marginly better than mine, I get the same problem at peak Viewing times though.

  alanrwood 16:16 09 Aug 2013

That speed should be enough to download streaming HD Video so it is probably the sending server which is running out of bandwidth.

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