Flash or Powerpoint?

  Dalglish2 21:34 01 Oct 2005

Hi all

I have been asked to help out with animating a relative's artwork - basically, it is a high detail illustration of an attack helicopter.
What I've been asked to do is to animate this such that the image "explodes" on clicking and each of the major helicopter parts separate.
The viewer should then be able to "hover" their mouse over the part to reveal a text explanation of that part.
What I want to know - is this a Flash project or something else like 3dmax or powerpoint?
Cheers guys

  Taran 21:24 02 Oct 2005

Flash could do this perfectly well, as long as you know how to use it of course, but Flash has the distinct disadvantage of being probably the single hardest program most web developers will ever learn.

You could use some intersting JavaScript to get a broadly similar effect, and you could also combine JavaScript with CSS to give another option.

Dreamweaver has some nice built-in tools for mouseover events where you can select an image or text and instruct Dreamweaver to load a swapped image onmouseover, for example. It takes a lot of the headaches out of scripting your own JavaScript if it isn't your thing to begin with.

Try SWiSHMax from click here which is about the most powerful and flexible alternative to Flash. SWiSHMax even supports ActionScript (Flash's own programming language) but its real advantages are low cost and drop-dead ease of use where you select from a ton of preconfigured point and click effects.

PowerPoint falls flat on its face for web content and should be avoided at all costs - its ouput will basically turn into a series of static files with back and forward navigation buttons.

I'd plump for JavaScript onmouseover actions for a relatively simple approach or a fully blown Flash solution if you want a lot more from the finished product. Lots of JavaScript could very quickly bog down the page to the point where a similar page download could deliver more to the user in Flash format. Flash will also be more compatible to more browsers than JavaScrpt.


  Dalglish2 21:35 02 Oct 2005

Brilliant ! Thanks T!

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