Bob The Nob© 09:18 07 Apr 2005

Does anyone know how to make the buttons in FLASH open external programs. Like the PCA Disc. Its just Im making a profesional looking CD rom Menu.

  mattyc_92 11:22 07 Apr 2005

Yes, you need to create a new folder called "FSCOMMAND" and put ALL the files into that....

then use the following command:

Fscommand(“exec”, “file.exe”)

Change the "file.exe" to the filename and format.....

I use Autoplay Media Studio to create menus, it is easier and you don't have to have your files in a folder called FSCOMMAND.... Autoplay Media Studio can create a autorun menu within minutes, but if you want to use more advance features, such as password protection, then you will need to read the "How to..." section of the help menu.... You can still create FLASH appz, and intergrade them into the menu (for like an advertisment or some moving text)

go to click here for a FREE trial of this app

  mattyc_92 11:24 07 Apr 2005

sorry, the command should be...

On (click) {

Fscommand(“exec”, “file.exe”)


  mattyc_92 15:26 07 Apr 2005

By the way, PCA uses Director MX... not FLASH... (last time I checked anyway)

  mattyc_92 17:47 07 Apr 2005

Any Luck??

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