Flash Memory -v- SD Memory Cards

  David4637 19:38 17 Mar 2006

Would some one please advise me the pros and cons of the above for use in a Digital Camera. Flash are more expensive, thats all I know about them. Thanks David

  Diodorus Siculus 19:55 17 Mar 2006

Flash memory is a generic name for any of the cards that fit into digi cameras and the like -

SD cards are one, Compact Flash another, xD a third...

Unless I've misunderstood...

  Charence 20:09 17 Mar 2006

As Diodorus Siculus correctly says, Flash Memory is a name which covers all of the storage devices such as SD, xD, CF, SMC, etc.

Or are you referring to Compact Flash as Flash? Generally when you buy a camera, the features of the camera would be the most important, however, if you already own a certain type of media then it would probably be preferable to favour a camera which uses the same type of memory because it will save costs of buying more memory.

If you have no preference, things you may wish to consider between different storage mediums are the cost, capacity, transfer rate, size. At the moment, SD seems quite popular for newer compact digital cameras. High end cameras still tend to use Compact Flash.

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