SECTION31 20:29 27 Apr 2011

Help! I am not a complete novice with computers but this problem really has me beaten!

I am unable to play flash files on my login. The computer freezes before I have time to turn off "hardware acceleration" in the flash settings.

However, the mystery is that the computer has two users. While I cannot play flash files the other user has no problems at all!! Hardware acceleration is permantley turned off for them - lucky so & so's!

Even on the rare occasions I can turn it off it never stays off. As soon as I boot up again the setting is ticked again.

This is really driving me mad. I have checked through as many settings as I can think of between the two users but nothing seems to be different.

Anyone have any ideas?


  [email protected] 00:35 28 Apr 2011

Have you tried updating your video driver? You appear to have deduced that the problem is being caused by hardware acceleration so that is likely where the cause of the fault will lie.

  SECTION31 05:47 28 Apr 2011

Thanks for the replies.

I have tried several times performing clean installs of Flash without be able to solve the problem and also the drivers of my video card have been updated a couple of times while the issue has existed. What has confused me the most is that the problem exists with only one of the two users of my computer. I assumed that if the problem was with either Flash or my video card then the issue would exist with all users of the computer.

I run Windows 7 Professional and my video card is an ATI Radeon HD 4600 series. My machine is kept very clean and all drivers are regularly checked and updated when necessary, (I use DriverMax which I find very useful). My browser is IE9 – and yes, the problem did exist with IE8. I had hoped that upgrading to IE9 might have solved the problem – unfortunately not!

So I am still stick at the barrier of why this problem appears to be an individual user issue rather than a general computer issue. Any ideas?


  SECTION31 05:53 13 May 2011

I guess this one has stumped everyone. Oh well, onwards & upwards! I suppose I can watch YouTube on my wife's login.

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