Flash Drives??

  BLY 16:25 18 Jun 2004

Hi Boy's & Girls,
call me dummie if you want??
I have just bought a 128MB 2.0 flash drive.USB.
The instuctions say that XP users dont have to put in the driver cd that came with it, so I did'nt. On tray it say's it's ok to use, but when I try to copy to it nothing appears ??
What am I doing wrong?? Please help.
Thanks in advance. Bly

  terryr48 16:52 18 Jun 2004

I know this might sound obvious but havr you checked on "my Computer" that this has been recognised as an external drive?

  jack 16:58 18 Jun 2004

I take it you mean one of those memory plug ins
something like a camera card but without the camera wrapped around it?
XP should simply recognise as another drive
But should it need to be FORMATTED first?
Pick up on the icon in 'My computer'
right click, then properties.
This possibly where the software disk comes in useful.

  BLY 17:01 18 Jun 2004

Yes I have checked & it does show up in their,
any other idea's please , Thanks. Bly

  terryr48 17:10 18 Jun 2004

What make is it? I have a crucial "gizmo", when I copy files across I get no indication apart from a flashing light on the flash drive-you dont get the "flying files" sign as you would if you copy to floppy-have you checked anything has copied over? by opening up the flash drive

  jack 17:12 18 Jun 2004

did you in fact check properties
In File on the task bar or right click?

  Daz35 18:52 18 Jun 2004

Some flash drives have a very small switch which locks the data, so that you can't take anything off or on it.

If it's a pen drive it should be on the side somewhere.

  Totally-braindead 18:58 18 Jun 2004

How exactly are you trying to copy files to it? Are you trying to drag and drop or what are you doing to try to copy files?

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