Flash drive problem ?

  noddy 11:41 02 Nov 2004

Good Day

Wonder if anybody can assist me, I have copied files onto a flash drive, and although it shows disc space has been consumed, I cannot see any files whatsoever.

Need help ASAP Please ?

Thanks in advance

  recap 11:54 02 Nov 2004

They may be hidden?
Go to Tools/Folder Options/View and make sure the radio button has been checked to show hidden files(this is in Explorer).

  [DELETED] 11:54 02 Nov 2004

Did you unplug it while it was still being written to? If it is USB you should be able to access it in My Computer.

  recap 11:57 02 Nov 2004

Salinger posting has reminded me that with these drives it is recommended that you unplug them correctly. To do this look in your systray (next to the clock, bottom right of screen) for a green arrowed symbol, double click this and follow the wizard to unplug the device, (for Windows 2000 upwards)

  recap 13:32 02 Nov 2004

This via e-mail from noddy:

"Thanks for your advice.. But it still not working at the moment. I am fairly sure I unplugged it correctly, and I know the data is there, because I took it to the maximum allowed. Any other ideas perhaps?"

You say you "I know the data is there", have you checked in Explorer to see if the drive appears, and that there is data on the drive?

What file type did you use to save the data in?

  jack 14:11 02 Nov 2004

Must be disconnected correctly
Bottom tool bar
Plug and cord icon
click on it
whrn it says you can 'Safely Remove Hardware' is the time to go.
Check also that the device can be accessed and contents shown on another computer.
It is possible that it is a dud!

  recap 14:56 02 Nov 2004

Another e-mail from noddy:
"I checked with explorer and drive appears, and system manager tells me drive is working properly. A variety of files *.doc *txt *.exe etc is shows drive with files of 240 mb with balance space on drive, but nowhere does it show files Any clues friend ?"

Did you save the files from the computer you are working on at the moment?

If not then plug it back in to the original computer to see if there is any files or problems with the device.

  [DELETED] 15:04 02 Nov 2004

Sending emails to one member is NOT the way to get all possible help, unless, as recap is doing, the emails are copied to the Forum.

  noddy 15:15 02 Nov 2004

Thanks for copying emails recap.. I didnt realise I was doing things wrong ?

But if i can't see files, then I cannot delete them, thus therefore appears that not only have i lost all my data, but also the flash drive itself ?

  Audeal 15:21 02 Nov 2004

I have had this type of problem when my Flash Drive has been formatted in Fat32 and my system is NTFS.

If this should be the case then you could try to convert it to NTFS and see if it will save your files.

  recap 15:22 02 Nov 2004

noddy, as your last email said you are now on the original computer and the file still do not show up.

My only suggestion now is to do a full format of the USB Drive with DiscScan and re-save the data to the newly formatted drive.

Then follow previous instructions for unplugging the device.

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