Flash Drive conversion to NTFS to Fat32

  wams 18:54 13 Dec 2012

Hi Again,

Ive just converted a 64Gb USB Flash Memory from NTFS to Fat32, as far as im aware the conversion was successful confirmed by Disk Management and im still able to acheive 64GB space.

Im wanting to use the flash drive on the PS3, i know the PS3 will accept AVI files and MP4 files. The files range from home videos, movies and TV. some of the files will play but some wont, they are either not supported, no file in folders and file corrupt, but when I use my another 8Gb flash memory I have no problem watching any of those files types. Ive also used Format Factory to convert back and forth.

The flash drives packaging says USB flash memory but on PS3 it says USB flash disk, im sure that shouldn't make any difference. Has any one got any idea where I have went wrong?

Thanks Wams

  wams 15:19 14 Dec 2012

its now formatted to FAT32

free space 62.4GB used space 32.0KB

transfering files again

  wams 17:35 14 Dec 2012

Still having the same problem can't have no more than 8gb of files on drive, no matter what I do

  wams 20:55 02 Jan 2013

Small print on packaging states that the maximum allowable consumer memory is 7.4GB.

  wams 21:04 02 Jan 2013

That's exactly what it is 8G drive but the product packaging says 64GB. Not buying online again unless they provide legitimate product specs, but whoever does.

  wams 21:14 02 Jan 2013

Yes eBay....

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