Flash Drive conversion to NTFS to Fat32

  wams 18:54 13 Dec 2012

Hi Again,

Ive just converted a 64Gb USB Flash Memory from NTFS to Fat32, as far as im aware the conversion was successful confirmed by Disk Management and im still able to acheive 64GB space.

Im wanting to use the flash drive on the PS3, i know the PS3 will accept AVI files and MP4 files. The files range from home videos, movies and TV. some of the files will play but some wont, they are either not supported, no file in folders and file corrupt, but when I use my another 8Gb flash memory I have no problem watching any of those files types. Ive also used Format Factory to convert back and forth.

The flash drives packaging says USB flash memory but on PS3 it says USB flash disk, im sure that shouldn't make any difference. Has any one got any idea where I have went wrong?

Thanks Wams

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:41 13 Dec 2012

Normally you cannot convert from NTFS to Fat32 without losing the data

you can do it the other way round.

I suggest you reformat the stick and then recopy the files to the stick.

  wams 20:55 13 Dec 2012

I converted the new flash drive from NTFS to Fat32 before any data was added.

After i added 8.6GB data, the files i added on top of the 8.6GB came up corrupt, not supported or no files in folder.

Now i moved files back to PC and formatted the flash drive again using HP USB disk storage format tool that i used originally and added the files i tried earlier on top of the 8.6 GB the ones that showed that they were not supported, or corrupted etc are now playing.

Even though the conversion looks successful it only allowing me to have a total of 8.6GB unless im wrong.

Im going to continue adding different files to the ones i added earlier till i reach the 8.6GB mark to if im capped are not

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:18 13 Dec 2012

There is a size limit on which FAT 32 will only support files upto 4G in length and thing longer than that will show as corrupted

You can filll the stick but the length of each file MUST be shorter than 4G

  wams 23:43 13 Dec 2012

The files I'm transferring are no bigger than 1000MB

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:06 14 Dec 2012

Unforunately Flash drives have a life limit and can only do a limited number of rewrites, If the drive is old then it may be at its life limit.

  wams 13:50 14 Dec 2012

The Flash drive is brand new, no more than 3 days old, bought from the web, its a Toshiba USB Flash Memory 64GB but when inserted to PS3 its shows as USb Device (flash Disk)

Ive just scanned the drive to fix errors, errors have been found and put into a file/folder but the file/folder does not show up on PC only on PS3 and PS3 wont allow me to delete it.

I transfered different files last night all ending with the file xtension .avi but once again when I reach up to 8GB and add more .avi files the additional files show on PS3 as corrupted.

My brother also confirmed earlier that he converted from NTFS to exFAT and ive converted from exFAt to FAT32, could the multiple conversions totaly corrupt the drive? or could it be that all drive manufacturers are wanting the general public to move and stay with NTFS and have set limitations on GB size to any one converting to an older FS such as minimising lower GB space. I dont know, just a thought!!

What i am thinking of doing is converting back to NTFS then convert to FAT32?

  wams 13:58 14 Dec 2012

Anyway the drive cost £13 incl P+P, too cheap if u ask me!

Has Toshiba got there own drive conversion tool software?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:10 14 Dec 2012

Forget converting just format

this HP tool is good for formatting USB devices here

It is possible that the drive is "frigged" to show 64G when is actually less

  wams 15:02 14 Dec 2012

Ive dowloaded the file like you said and ran program before i formatted it says:

Device Generic Flash Disk 8.00 (64000 MB)(F:)

File System FAT32

Volume Label No volume is entered! Should there be volume?

what does the 8.00 mean?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:19 14 Dec 2012

No idea


read this and download the testing toll if you wish to test if the drive has 64g or is fake.

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