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  flavas 13:43 25 Jul 2005

Hi guys my friend is a multimedia design who has just graduated. He just received a request to design website advertisement banners, for a company, using flash. How much do you think he should charge? How about flash websites? What is the average cost of design for a basic site for an existing company?

  Taran 14:37 25 Jul 2005

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What to charge is always a thorny issue.

I charge what I feel is a reasonable amount based on my level of knowledge, capability to deliver and a lot of other factors. Some people charge more, others less.

Since your friend has been approached, why not ask the ones who did the approaching to make an offer from which to base negotiation ?

Flash is potentially in for an even rougher ride than this last couple of years has brought it. It went from hugely popular (and vastly misused) to almost ostracised within a relatively short period. Happily, it is expanding into different directions to include dynamic data handling and, more impressive, as a development platform for media output other than on the web.

Frankly, I'm surprised your friend was approached with this sort of offer at all. Flash animators have had a hard time of it this last couple of years and there are more banner resources (and experienced designers who can create artwork) than you can shake a stick at.

Difficult questions and almost impossible to answer.


  flavas 14:47 25 Jul 2005

Nice one Taran.Well said, what resources are available for banners, what is your main focus of expertise, m/media or html? You say flash has been misused and it has been experiencing hard times for the last couple of years, in what ways exactly?

  Forum Editor 18:55 25 Jul 2005

question to answer in any kind of a definitive way. If a client wants me to design a Flash banner I base the price on a mix of things - the work involved, obviously, but there are other considerations, such as the importance of the client to my business in financial terms, the likelyhood of further work, etc. It's just not possible to give you a guide.

I'm also surprised that your friend has been cold-called, so to speak. Flash designers are thick on the ground, and there isn't anything like the Flash work around any more - I haven't designed a Flash site for nearly two years, but once upon a time everyone wanted it. Personally I find Flash intros a pain in the neck, and I know I'm not alone in that. Flash banners can be equally irritating, and I can't stand to be more than a few seconds on a page with an animated banner.

Flash is a great technology, but it suffered badly from over-exposure a few years back. Everywhere you looked there were Flash intro pages and entire sites designed in Flash (a nightmare if you need to do regular and frequent updates). If my clients want Flash banners they get them, but I tend to recommend html unless there's a very good reason to do otherwise.

  flavas 20:50 25 Jul 2005

Thanks guys! Very clear information i guess I wouldnt get a better response elsewhere. I'm surprised as well, my mate gets alot requests for
"flash" sites from people although he hasn't completed a single project yet.

  Taran 04:09 26 Jul 2005

Online resources for web graphics in general and Flash generators in particular are a simple Google search away.

There are literally millions of freebies out there on the web.

The misuse of Flash involved every man and his dog publishing good (and appalling) Flash sites with little or no regard to what the Flash content was there for. Most Flash content was little more than a 'because I can' rather than 'because I should'. Back then, Flash animators were being paid a fortune per day. Not so now.

Even now, probably 95% or more of the Flash content I see has no place on the sites it lives on. Unless it adds value in some way, it has no place there and with the current issues regarding disability and discrimination the casual inclusion of Flash content on any business site is potentially suicidal.

As a tool to build multimedia applications, especially CD ROM or LAN delivered products where you can guarantee fast access to the Flash content, Flash is superb. It's just that for a long time people charged silly money to deliver cheesy intro movies and naff navigation systems that in many cases detracted from the site rather than added anything to it.

Since you ask, my own areas of knowledge include multimedia (Mac and Windows including Flash, Poser, Bryce (I love Bryce) MAYA etc), software engineering, hardware/networking - I teach all of them up to HND and Foundation Degree, MCP, A+ and CISCO level and I also run my own IT consultancy business, with particular emphasis on web development and mixed Linux/Windows network solutions.

The point remains though, that if something on your site adds no value to it, it doesn't belong there.


You wouldn't want lousy still images spoiling your site, yet how many of us sit and endure pointless variations on the theme of:


And then even if we are patient enough to wait for the intro movie to appear, it invariably fails miserably to impress in any way and often contains convoluted and vastly unintuitive navigation elements for site content.

No thanks.

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