fixmbr advice needed

  sidmo 12:37 20 Mar 2005

have installed new hard drive and done clean install winxp pro.Trying to install another drive (data only) as slave. comp sees drive in bios but will not start (NTLDR missing) I have used recovery console to correct this but it still doesn't work. Am now trying fixmbr.BUT - the recovery console tells me that this command may damage partition tables if I proceed, this could cause all the partitions on the current hard disk to become inaccesible. If you are not having problems accessing your drive do not continue.
My question is this do I or don't I? If I do cause damage how easy will it be to put it right?
I don't really want to spend ages putting this comp right again when I've only just got it up and running again.

  stalion 13:23 20 Mar 2005
  stalion 13:23 20 Mar 2005
  LastChip 13:27 20 Mar 2005

But let's move back a stage and clarify the problem.

My understanding from your post is you have one drive installed (is it configured as C:?) and that has XP Pro up and running.

You now want to install a second drive. Is that drive a slave to the primary master or is it on a secondary channel or what? How have you jumpered the drives or are they SATA? Do you have data already on the drive that it is essential to save or are you just wanting to access the drive for data use later? In that case, is it partitioned and formatted or not?

All these items would have a bearing on how to continue, so some consideration should be give to your answers.

  sidmo 13:43 20 Mar 2005

last chip

yes new drive 80 gb, pARTITIONED INTO 2 X 40 gb drive C has wn xp pro drive D data only.
2nd drive is formatted and contains data only.
all jumpers are set correctly as slave to master.
I need to be able access the data on it.

  sidmo 13:58 20 Mar 2005


Just to confirm if I type fixmbr this will automatically correct the mbr of drive C?
sorry if I'm being overcautious, had a lot of problems recently

  stalion 14:04 20 Mar 2005

wait for someone else to advise you on this I have no experience of this utility

  LastChip 15:11 20 Mar 2005

Are you saying that when you connect the second drive, XP fails to boot-up, or the second drive fails to appear in XP? In other words, is connecting the second drive stopping XP altogether?

Which file system is on the drives; FAT32 (or even FAT16) or NTFS? Are both drives the same file system?

  sidmo 15:24 20 Mar 2005


Yes, when I connect the 2nd drive I can't boot into windows. All drives are NTFS.

  LastChip 17:03 20 Mar 2005

I think what may be happening, is your BIOS is seeing the second hard drive as the bootable drive for some reason. Not quite sure why! As this drive (presumably) has no operating system, you are getting the error message. A soon as you take this out of the equation, the BIOS sees the first drive and boots OK. Is that logical?

Try temporarily disconnecting your CD ROM drive and connecting the second hard drive to that channel as Master. Now see if XP will boot. Make sure if you do this, the BIOS is configured for the Hard drive to be the First Boot Device or if you prefer the Floppy to be your first device, make sure the hard drive is nominated second. Your CD ROM should be last in this context. Ideally, the bootable (C:) drive should also be connected to your first IDE slot. Sometimes they are numbered 0 and 1, other times 1 and 2.

  sidmo 18:14 20 Mar 2005


Have just tried your suggestion , the computer will boot but I can't see the drive. If I attach it as slave to cdrom drive it won't boot

am grateful for all your suggestions tho'

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