Fixing XP Home Edition Installation After SP2 Inst

  ffsmorris 21:53 07 Oct 2006

Help! A friend was having problems sorting out his wireless network so i suggested he installed SP2 to his old Windows XP installation. I installed the SP2 for him today. On reboot the computer would not complete the boot sequence and would freeze. It now appears simply installing SP2 was not the right thing to do!

Problem is he has lost his PC manufacturer restore disc, so i offered to take his PC home with me and sort it out. Problem is he is running a pre SP2 Home Edition of XP, i only have XP Pro discs. I followed the MS guide on recovering the computer to a bootable state and removing XP SP2, and i think i have removed it. The problem is now the PC goes further through the boot sequence, get to the Windows XP Home Edition loading page, the screen then goes black, and the computer resets and starts booting up again.

The only solution to me now seems to be to install another copy of XP over the top of his installation. Having done this before on my own PC i have managed to reinstall and not delete the entire contents of the drive, thing is this time i would be going from XP Home Edition to XP PRo SP2, would this completely delete the previous contents of the C drive? Or if i can source an XP Home Edition SP2 could i simply install this over the top, preserving his documents, mp3's, movies etc but upgrading the version of XP on his PC?

  VoG II 22:08 07 Oct 2006
  ffsmorris 08:36 08 Oct 2006

Thanks for the link VoG. I have followed the MS instructions but with no success.

Is it not possible to us the XP Home Edition SP2 back to install over the top of his existing installation and repair/upgrade at the same time without losing his files?

  AndySD 09:41 08 Oct 2006

As long as you have the XP Home SP2 cd and their serial number you can just use a recvery instalation.

If you can get an XP Home or XP Home SP1 cd you can use this program to make an SP2 cd click here or just search for slipstreaming windows xp on google.

  ffsmorris 10:07 08 Oct 2006

I have now tried a repair/recovery installation and when the PC reboots to start the XP installation it once again freezes at the Windows startup screen.

  AndySD 10:16 08 Oct 2006

Can you get into safe mode?

  ffsmorris 17:07 08 Oct 2006

After trying everyones suggestions i have deleted his old XP installation after removing his hard drive and copying his media and personal documents onto my PC.

Began a new windows installation after deleting the old one, and guess what? It freezes on the Windows startup screen.

Is there any chance that one of the PCI cards installed is causing the problem? He has a AverMedia TV card installed and im sure that i have read somewhere that TV cards can cause problems when installing SP2. Is it possible that in trying to upgrade to SP2 originally i have some how caused problems with a PCI card?

  AndySD 17:08 08 Oct 2006

Try removing the card and seeing if windows boots.

  AndySD 17:14 08 Oct 2006

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