Fixing metal screws to UPVC?

  spuds 14:34 16 Mar 2011

Not a computer question, but I am sure someone will have the answer.

We have a UPVC double glazed rear door, with a full length metal strip attached for the locking devices. The metal screws holding this are loose, and attempting to tightening the screws points out that fixing holes in the UPVC are enlarged, so no longer forming a grip.

Tried a couple of methods without success, including getting next size larger screws. No point in re-drilling a whole series of holes in the metal strip, then forming new holes in the UPVC, because the thickness of the UPVC walls are suspect. We have some 'hard plastic' glue, which can be used on UPVC, but it is not suitable for metal, so that as ruled that method out.

Can you recommend a method or a suitable glue, that will lock the screws and UPVC, so making a secured fixture?.

  Zak 14:55 16 Mar 2011
  spuds 15:09 16 Mar 2011

Thanks for the link Zak.

We tried the twin threaded next size screws, but this hasn't worked.

  spuds 16:23 16 Mar 2011

seekit- thanks for the suggestion.

The framework is enclosed, so no chance of building behind the thin UPVC wall, it can only be 'pasted' on the showing face. There's a thought worth considering. Build a 'bridge' over the hole with Araldite or some similar component material. Then re-drilling a very small starter hole?.

  lotvic 16:58 16 Mar 2011

forum member 'Blackhat' will know, he owns two manufacturing companies, one for domestic installers, one commercial trade installers click here
Hopefully he will see your thread spuds :)

  thms 19:00 16 Mar 2011

What you need is like this
click here

  woodchip 19:22 16 Mar 2011

If you press it in it will automatic go though and to some extent round the back so it will act like a rollplug

  uk-wizard 20:04 16 Mar 2011

If you can put up with the thickness of the head then several of these click here with a bit of glue would do. I could not find the name of the ones I have got as they are in the workshop and it is scardy-dark down there at the moment, I know where they are - as far from the door as possible with two disassembled carriages in the way on the floor. the rivet bushes work like pop-rivets and the front portion is thin and has no thread so it expand to grip the panel you put it through. If you have an electronics assembly firm near you they may have them to put in their cabinets to screw panels onto.

  spuds 20:29 16 Mar 2011

Think that we have possibly remedied the problem, by using modified wall plugs with retaining attachments click here

Thanks everyone for your help, will now tick as resolved.

  onionskin 00:14 17 Mar 2011

You'd be better using plugs designed for fixing to plaster board.

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