Fixing desktop icons in selected positions

  tallboy 22:38 17 Dec 2013

Anyone know of a reliable utility to add to my 64-bit Windows 7 OS to fix the desktop icon positions where I put them?

I have loaded cbsidlm-cbsi145-DesktopRestore64bit-ORG-75451992 which is supposed to do the 'trick', but it isn't anywhere near 100% certain that the icons will stay where you put them. I need a routine that does keep them where you put them!

  steve_o 23:37 17 Dec 2013

Iconrestorer - works perfectly.

  alanrwood 09:27 18 Dec 2013

Right click Desktop. Select View then select your preferred icon size and "Align icons to grid. They will then stay where you put them.

  QuizMan 10:04 18 Dec 2013

If using alanrwood's method, you will also need to untick "Auto arrange icons".

  alanrwood 19:37 18 Dec 2013


Yes you are correct. I rather assumed wrongly that bas they are in the same category that clicking one would unclick the other. Thanks for pointing out my error

  tallboy 22:27 21 Dec 2013

Thanks for l the posts / suggestions everyone. I've used the built-in Windows function as suggested by alanrwood, but still have one 'stubbon' icon (Safari) that always moves.

I'll give Iconrestorer a try.

  tallboy 20:08 23 Dec 2013

I agree with steve_o - Icorestorer work fine.

Thanks for the recommendation.

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