fix a desktop image to 2nd monitor

  Ikelos 09:23 29 Nov 2007

hi, the laptop screen is set to 1440x900 the external monitor is 1280x1024, what ever size I make the image on the laptop it will not stay in place on the monitor (still with me), as I move the mouse off the 2nd screen it moves the image.

any one any ideas thanks

  anskyber 09:53 29 Nov 2007

Not fully understanding, but them I am mentally challenged at times.

Is the resolution changing or are you saying that in some way the window open on the second screen is hooked to the cursor so it cannot be left on the second screen?

  Ikelos 10:02 29 Nov 2007

Hi, you almost have it, it is hooked to the cursor as far as the edge of the screen "2nd" then it lets go. all I want is for the image to remain in the middle of the second screen.


  Ikelos 10:03 29 Nov 2007

it is the desktop background image that is moving, not anything that i drag over.

  anskyber 10:05 29 Nov 2007

Have you tried maximising the window in the second screen, assuming we are talking about a window here.

  anskyber 10:05 29 Nov 2007

The desktop wallpaper then?

  anskyber 10:06 29 Nov 2007

Any chance of a screenshot?

  Ikelos 10:14 29 Nov 2007

yes, the wallpaper. the laptop has the wallpaper all over, which of course is far too big for the 2nd monitor, miles too big, so I made the laptop one smaller, thinking that would be the answer, but no go,believe it or not, I started on this yesterday morning, yes, it is a shame.


  anskyber 10:32 29 Nov 2007

When you set the dual screens up and extended your desktop did you also select one of them to be your main screen?

  Ikelos 19:20 29 Nov 2007

Hi, yes I did, at the moment I have taken the desktop wallpaper off, the image when pushed over to the second screen is fine, once I have made it smaller. but what ever size I make the wallpaper on the laptop, it will not stay put on the 2nd screen.


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