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Fix Changing your Lock Screen image in Windows 10

  tallboy 17:15 11 Aug 2019

Reading various technical forums, I have a problem that seems to go back to before Windows 10 - the inability to change my Lock Screen Image. In the Windows 10 Settings (for Lock Screen) both the Background button (current set to Picture) and the Browse button remain stubbornly 'Greyed Out'. I have tried changing the appropriate setting in the Group Policy Editor to both 'Not Selected' & 'Disabled'. Neither setting made any difference. I have also tried changing the Lock Screen after performing a 'Clean Boot'. This didn't work either! If anybody has any suggestions as to how to fix this annoying minor problem (including a Registry Hack), please let me know. Thanks.

  wiganken2 12:36 16 Aug 2019

Hexadecimal is just another way that Windows displays the Binary number and there is no difference. I have two computers (One is Windows 8.1 and the other is Windows 10 v1903) and this registry mod works on both of them. You have not included the quotation marks " " around the words Personalization and NoLockScreen have you? There should be no quotation marks. I only added them to highlight the words. Also the word Personalization must be spelled the American way (with a z, not an s).
If this doesn't work I can only suggest you check the internet for the word NoLockScreen. Sorry I can't be more help.

  tallboy 13:43 16 Aug 2019

Thanks for the further post wiganken2. I didn't surround any words with quotes ("") & yes, I did spell Personalization the US way! There is obviously something very stubbon about the Lock Screen on my PC. I guess I can live with it; life's too short to spend hours investigating further. Thank for your help (and that of other 'posters'.

  tallboy 10:57 22 Aug 2019

Well; a post-script. No-Lock Screen is working - sort of. It only works (presenting a blue blank screen) when I have completely powered down my PC. When I bring the PC back from sleep mode, you get the usual boring dark mountain lock screen - which I have been unable to change. (I have even tried exchanging the image (using the same file name - just a different image) in all the places Search Everything identified for the image - but it still didn't change! Obviously, Microsoft must have more than one name for this image, but they don't reveal it!)

  Brian Hamilton 17:16 22 Aug 2019

Sorry, you don't mention the file or file location you are changing?

  tallboy 20:16 22 Aug 2019

Sorry to be a bit vague here Brian. The Lock Screen image is 'fixed on img103.png on my PC. You should be able to change this in the Personalisation function within setting (It uses folder C:\Windows\Web\Screen) but even if you do (which I have done, using the same file name but changing the image) this does not change the Lock Screen. img103.png can also be found in C:\Windows\WinSxS\amd64microsoft-windows-t..nbackgrounds-client31bf3856ad364e3510.0.18362.1none_af74338f76aa2bd0. I have changed it here too, but the Lock Screen remains the same. Microsoft have clearly done a good job in hiding it somewhere else as well!

Of course, if I could fathom out how to fix the intended method of changing the Lock Screen image in Setting (I have tried many suggestions folks have posted on the web - all to no avail - as they have been for many other people too who have the same problem), I would not need to change the image stored with the same file name of img103.png.

  john bunyan 21:04 22 Aug 2019

Whoever solves this should be awarded the “Geek of the Year “ award! In the nicest possible way of course.

  difarn 22:07 22 Aug 2019

Have you come across the suggestion in this article - from Problem Solution onwards?

click here

  wiganken2 09:28 23 Aug 2019

Have you tried Winaero Tweaker? You can use it to tweak Windows 10 including the lockscreen. Link here: - click here it helps.


  wiganken2 09:29 23 Aug 2019

I should add that I have no connection with the program other than as a satisfied user.

  tallboy 11:25 23 Aug 2019

Thanks for the link difarn. I read through the article, tried a few changes from the W10 Settings panels. Then I went back to the extra folder I had set in my Registry (Computer\HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Personalization) - as suggested above - & changed NoLockScreen Data to 0 (Previously set to 1). I also changed NoChangingLockScreen to 0. I changed the REG_SZ (default) entry to 1 and set the LockScreenImage to C:\Windows\Web\Screen\image103.png (Which was the original default image name, but where I had changed the image stored under that name.) I now have the image I was trying to replace the dull Microsoft-generated mountain image with! It was a lot of 'faffing about' but I got there in the end; thanks agin for your suggestion. Thanks also wiganken2 for the suggestion / link to Winaero Tweaker. I used to use a much earlier version with Windows XP. I'll download the latest version and add it to my collection of tweaking tool.

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