Fitting Zalman NB32J to Abit NF7 - S v2.0

  The Transporter 11:38 12 Aug 2003

Hi all

At click here

I found this post about keeping the southbridge cool.

click here

I bought the heatsink and the mobo and if i start overclocking (which i will) i will need to fit this heatsink on the southbridge. I am not to confident drilling 2 holes in the mobo to fit it on, simply because if Abit wanted us to fit them on they would have drilled the holes for us. Like they did for the bolt on heatsinks etc. I dunno.

Anyway, so im resorting to using the thermal epoxy which when set will not allow me to take it off. So i need to get it right first time.

At the moment i am runnig an MSI Ti 4200 g.card but will be looking at upgrading in the near future. So i need to make sure that the heatsink won't get in the way of future bigger cards.

The link above is helpful but is there anyone who has done this mod and could possibly post a photo up so i can see if it has been placed offset on the chip etc.

I know it does void my warranty but if anyone does have a fool proof way of how to drill the two holes please let me know.

An idiots guide would be great.

Or is there another way which i haven't thought of?

Thanks for any input.

  The Transporter 14:17 12 Aug 2003

just reposting incase anyone new has logged on and can help.


  The Transporter 08:52 13 Aug 2003

for the morning crew :-)

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