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  [DELETED] 19:38 21 Sep 2003

I have just bought a digital camera whilst on holiday, only to realise when i got home that I don't have a USB port. I have bought a USB card thinking I could put it into a spare pci slot. However I have taken the side off my pc and found that the spare slots I have are not pci slots. There are three pci cards in my pc one has a socket for a joystik and a conector for something (I have no idea what) none of the stuff on this card is ever used, but it does have an internal cable up to the DVD drive, can I pull this card out and replace it with the usb card?

The card I have is a usb 2.0 with 4 external ports and one internal (why an internal port?)

My system is an AMD 450 running windows 98.

Any help would be apreciated, thanks

  bremner 19:40 21 Sep 2003

The card with the lead running to the CD and joystick is your sound card so I wouldn't pull that one out. What are the other two?

  [DELETED] 19:42 21 Sep 2003

Don't remove your sound card. It sounds like your're full up, what are the other cards like?

I imagine the internal is for anything that you might want to install internally or even run a cable to the front of your case from this socket for ease of access.

  [DELETED] 19:45 21 Sep 2003

One hase the phone line and speakers in it, the other has the monitor pluged into it.

  bremner 19:47 21 Sep 2003

There may also be an issue with USB support in W98 click here for Microsoft info.

  bremner 19:49 21 Sep 2003

They are the modem and graphics card then.

It may be worth seeing if you have on board sound as you could then use that and remove the graphics card.

My link above is duff it is http: // www

Remove the spaces each side of the // and after www

  bremner 19:50 21 Sep 2003

Bad day

It should read

"It may be worth seeing if you have on board sound as you could then use that and remove the sound card"....of course

  [DELETED] 20:04 21 Sep 2003

sorry if I am being thik but but how can i idetify the on board sound card?

Hve used the evaluation tool from your link bremmer and seems that software is ok, however also says that usb hardware and driver is ok, so seems to think I already have usb, if I have it is well hidden!

  bremner 20:08 21 Sep 2003

There are a number of ways including:

If you have the manual for your motherboard it will be included in the specifications.

You can look in the BIOS for an enable/disable On board sound setting.

If this doesn't answer the question then if you post details of the motherboard we will probably be able to tell you.

If you don't know what the motherboard is download Belarc advisor from click here and this will tell you.

  [DELETED] 20:16 21 Sep 2003

mikeleflay, if your processor is an AMD K6-2 , then you may have a problem. Some motherboards of that era use the VIA MPV3 chipset. This chipset had a problem with USB, and even with all the Windows 98 updates doesn't work reliably. I understand that there was a BIOS flash available but I recently tried to find it and failed. In the end I found it easier to rebuild the computer (total cost under £100). Download the free Belarc Advisor from click here. Run this on your computer and it will identify practically all your hardware. Come back with the results and we will see what advice we can give.

  [DELETED] 20:34 21 Sep 2003


Operating System System Model
Windows 98 SE (build 4.10.2222) No details available
Processor a Main Circuit Board b
450 megahertz AMD K6-2 w/3DNow! BIOS: Award Software 4.51PG 08/25/99
Drives Memory Modules c,d
13.67 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
12.00 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

LG DVD-ROM DRD8080B [CD-ROM drive]
Generic floppy disk drive (3.5")

Generic IDE hard disk drive (13.67 GB) -- drive 0, No SMART Driver 64 Megabytes Installed Memory
Local Drive Volumes

c: (on drive 0) 13.67 GB 12.00 GB free

Logins Network Drives
No details available

Installed Microsoft Hotfixes Printers
Q318203 (details...) on 04/06/03
Q329414-25 (details...) on 04/06/03
Internet Explorer
Q313829 (details...)
Q330994 (details...)
Q810847 (details...)
Q813951 (details...)
Q818529 (details...)
SP1 (SP1)
UPD238453 (details...)
UPD256015 (details...)
UPD259728 (details...)
UPD273991 (details...)
UPDQ823559 (details...)
UPD245729 (details...)
UPD314147 (details...)
UPD323172 (details...)
UPD323255 (details...)
UPD329115 (details...)
UPD811630 (details...)

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