fitting second hard drive

  concretepigsy 19:09 19 Apr 2003

my kids pc has died. can i take the hard drive and put it into mine without losing any data or having to format it or something


  eccomputers 19:24 19 Apr 2003

that depends on several things. Firstly that the hard drive actually works. Secondly,,if the hard drive is formatted as NTFS and your machine is running 98 or ME then you wont be able to read it.
It none of the above are a concern then you have no problems. However, if you are using XP on your machine, there is a big chance it will ask if you want to create a dual boot menu so you can boot from either hard drive. If you say YES and boot from the old one, you will have to install all the hardware drivers for your system.

  concretepigsy 19:35 19 Apr 2003

im pretty sure the power unit has gone,
im usung 98SE and i havent a clue what nfts is
when i fit the second drive will my pc still boot from my original hard drive???

  clayton 19:38 19 Apr 2003

set the jumpers on the second drive to slave.

  freakbrothers 19:41 19 Apr 2003

the hard drive partition which is 'Active' is the where the OS will load from.
Make sure you sort out the cabling:
Master with slave present
Cable Select.

If you think the power unit is gone, it might be worthwhile just changing the Power supply.
Ive still got a 133Mhz PC running just fine, after a power supply change...

IF you havent used Win2000 or XP then you aint gonna have to worry about NTFS. Its a file structure that allows better security on files.
In win98 u use Fat16 or Fat32.
If you right click a folder, its attributes show either Hidden, Archive, Read-only. This is what Fat16 or Fat32 offers for security. NTFS has a few more advanced options



  concretepigsy 12:32 20 Apr 2003

i love you all


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