Fitting a new sound card.

  edenworkshops 17:12 22 Sep 2012


The sound card built into my mother board has died, and I want to fit a new pci sound card.

I was told I had to go into bios and de-select the on board sound card.

After giving the delete button a good jabbing I got into bios, but I can see no mention of anything to do with sound.

There are four main page tags...Main...Advanced...Power...Boot.

Where might I find what I am looking for, and could it be called something I might not recognise?

Thank you


  rdave13 22:42 22 Sep 2012

Usually if you install a PCI or PCI-E sound card, that will automatically unselect the onboard sound chip. You don't mention the OS but I would check device manager first to see if any problems and would check Services that Windows audio is started and on auto and also check sound properties to see if nothing is muted and what is set to default.

  edenworkshops 06:04 23 Sep 2012


It isn't that the on board sound card doesn't work at all, it works partialy, the sound breaks up and distorts.


  rdave13 08:39 23 Sep 2012

Have you checked your connections? Try headphones in the socket to see if the same. I bought one of these as my front connection got damaged and works okay. ebay.

  rdave13 10:21 23 Sep 2012

P.S., you get two here and good ratings, Amazon

  Terry Brown 11:47 23 Sep 2012

Normally it is either a loose connection on the cable or the connections in the socket are no longer making contact (wiggle plug - If it feels loose- that is the problem.

I had a problem (loose contacts in socket) and solved it with a USB sound device. Plug it in(load software) and it replaces the original built in sound card.


  lotvic 19:13 23 Sep 2012

I also think it likely to get disabled when you install the new PCI soundcard but if it doesn't:

Disable the existing Asus sound driver in Windows Device Manager, then reboot to BIOS.

AMIBIOS: In the bios it is called 'Onboard AC'97 (bios setup utility, in the blue bar under 'Advanced')

  edenworkshops 06:57 24 Sep 2012

I think I shall come back to the forum when I have the new sound card.

Thank you


  wee eddie 12:26 24 Sep 2012

Why buy a Card and fiddle about inside your PC, when for less than a £10 you can plug a Sound Dongle into a spare USB Socket.

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