rotormota 19:14 15 Jul 2004

My existing HP Pavilion has a DVD/CD Rom drive & a seperate DVD/CD writer drive.

1/ Could I replace the DVD/CD Rom drive with my new DVD/CD writer drive so I then end up with 2 DVD/CD writer drives.

2/How difficult is it to do a drive removal & replacement? Is it simply unplugging the old one & putting the same leads into the new one?


(O/S WinXP)

  jonnytub 19:20 15 Jul 2004

yes, making sure the jumpers are also set the same.

  jonnytub 19:22 15 Jul 2004

i.e. jumper that is set to slave on a dvd drive should also be set to slave on replacement drive.

  accord 22:03 15 Jul 2004

its as easy as setting the jumpers and connecting the cables.

If you get stuck there is plenty of help on this forum.


  stalion 22:11 15 Jul 2004

do you intend copying from one to the other once you have installed the new drive?. if so you could have compatability problems if they are both on the same ide.

  rotormota 06:53 16 Jul 2004

Hello Stalion,

Not entirely sure about the IDE thing but I have seen reference to this on the currently installed basic ROM drive...'IDE DVD ROM' in device manager. The currently installed Writer drive does not show any reference to IDE.

Do you still see any problems?

Cheers for the other info folks...I may be brave & give it a go!

  stlucia 08:56 16 Jul 2004

Before you do it, think about why you want to have two burners: If your existing reader is still working satisfactorily and is as fast as or faster than your old burner, I would be tempted to simply replace the old burner with the new burner. Then you would have a spare burner in case anything goes wrong with either of the drives (or you could sell the old burner or give it to a deserving relative or friend).

  TomJerry 09:22 16 Jul 2004

Some PCs have great internal layouts, so easy to change things. Some PCs have bad very internal layout, make change things very difficult.

Anyway, it is a doable job. To have two drive, I think better to have One DVD reader (can read CD as well) and One DVD writer (can write CD as well). My little PC has only one drive (DVD writer), and I did not find any problem with any burning and copying.

  Dumble452 09:44 16 Jul 2004

When I built my computer I installed a cheap CDR from Novatech and later added an LG DVD multi drive. They are both on the same IDE cable, DVD as master CD as slave and I've had no problems with them. Very easy to fit. Useful link
click here

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