Fitting New Hard Drive ??

  hubdean 18:41 25 Nov 2012

Hi My hard drive has gone wrong so im getting a new one. my computer is a Compaq home vista. Hard drive is WESTERN DIGITAL Internal 3.5 160gb im hopeing to get a WESTERN DIGITAL Internal 3.5" SATA Hard Drive - 2TB is this ok and when i install it should it just come on and my install disk take over. Thanks

  Wes.Clox 18:44 25 Nov 2012

Should be fine but if your disk is just a restore disk it will not work.

  hubdean 18:49 25 Nov 2012

hi thanks my disk is a complete windows restoration disk please see thanks

  hubdean 18:51 25 Nov 2012

i have two of the disks one foe xp one for vista

  Wes.Clox 19:06 25 Nov 2012

Then that should be fine.

Just set the bios to boot from cdrom as first selection and follow prompts.

This is the 6th attempt to post, site even went down

  lotvic 20:00 25 Nov 2012

Wait a minute: Did you see this?

"Important Notice

This is a repair disk and has know way anything to do with microsoft,the disk will re-install or repair your system from hidden partitions on your hard drive using my own sofware with my 18 years experience in computing"

  Abel 08:01 26 Nov 2012

Make sure your Mobo supports SATA before ordering your new drive

  onthelimit1 08:53 26 Nov 2012

That disc will not work for the reasons lotvic has outlined. You will need to buy a disc for the full operating system and, if you want to use your existing COA code, it will have to be exactly the same version of Windows that was originally installed. If not, you won't be able to activate.

  lotvic 13:47 27 Nov 2012

If Digital River haven't taken Vista off yet, you can download and burn your own Vista DVD (Digital River are Microsoft's official download site) The links and instructions are on: Heidoc webpage for Vista Download Links

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