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  fitcher 19:26 19 Aug 2005

my case is a chenbro bomb .and it has no reset switch and my motherboard is an asrock ktv4a pro the problem is the motherboard has a three pin power led connector (can these be left unused ).but the case has a twin h.d.led connector and a twin power btn connector, and two unmarked single pin connectors ..are these singles power leds ?as up to now I have been unable to boot system ,just a quick fan boost then nothing..
anyone out there help ,, cheers

  Gongoozler 21:21 19 Aug 2005

Hi fitcher, that's a lot of questions in one posting! I'll answer as many as I can. First the reset switch is not essential, and Windows has a fairly similar function in Turn Off - Restart, so you can simply ignore those pins on the motherboard. Secondly it's not uncommon for one half of a connector function to be 3-pin and the other 2-pin. If the cable connector is 2-pin and the motherboard 3-pin, you can very carefully cut the housing between the 2 pins to make 2 single pin connectors. If the cable connector is 3-pin and the motherboard 2-pin, then you can cut usually depress the barb on one connector, push the connector out of the housing, insert it into the centre position and finally cut away the now unused part of the housing.

The switches don't mind which way round you connect them, neither does the case speaker. The LED's won't work if they are the wrong way round, but no damage will be done. For the first boot-up I generally only connect the power switch, then connect the other front panel devices when all is working. If the computer still won't boot, try resetting the BIOS. If that still doesn't work, remove everything from the motherboard except the power switch, processor with heatsink and power supply. If it then boots, add the case speaker, and see if you get a POST beep. Then try again with memory, then with graphics card and continue until you have a working system.

  keith-236785 21:48 19 Aug 2005

look at your motherboard manual, the case connector block contains 9 pins, four on the top row and five on the bottom row.....on the top row, (with the block at bottom right corner of mobo)...the first & second pins are for the power LED (as already said by Gongoozler, if the 3pin connector only has two wires then simply cut through the unused middle pin and connect the two wired bits to the pins on the mobo).

the third and fourth pins are for the power switch

bottom row.........pins 1 & 2 for the h/d led

pins 4 & 5 for the reset switch (you dont have the required cable so forget that one).

just connect the power switch cable and leave the rest off untill you get it running, i always have "fun" with the case connectors.

have you connected the four pin main power connecter, this puts power to your processor and without it you would get what you describe, slight spin of fans and system shuts, lack of power to your proc.

im assuming you are using a high spec amd athlon 64 bit proc as this is what requires the extra power supply?, a normal athlonXP (not 64 bit)just normally needs the 20 pin atx connector.

i have never set one of these up yet so might be a little out of my depth but i hope i have helped some.

for the online motherboard manual, click here

  dan11 22:00 19 Aug 2005

I think it is just a socket A ( pin 462 ) motherboard. I don't think it takes 64 bit cpu's.

  dan11 22:06 19 Aug 2005

It is the K7VT4A PRO ?

This has more jumpers than Marks and Spencer's.

As above, also what cpu and memory are you using? Are you sure the multitude of jumpers are set correctly?

  PC Bilbo 22:09 19 Aug 2005

Ihave built 4 systems with Asrock boards and had similar problem with Power LED on a SIS chip board.

What you need to do is make sure the + cable (normally red or another colour is plugged into +
pin as shown on page 7 of user manual.the - pin is usually white.The LED should work so long as a circuit is made.

If necessary move the cables around in the connector.Carefully using a thin needle or pin release the tag inside the connector and it should then pull out OK.

  keith-236785 22:33 19 Aug 2005

i too am using an asrock mobo but mine is the k7s8xe+

i didnt have any problems with the case fittings but then i dont have a special case.

if your proc is a athlonxp/duron/sempron then you should only need the normal 20 pin atx connector.

if you are using a sempron, have you checked if the motherboard supports it, mine would need a bios flash for a sempron. just a thought though the manual says it supports semprons.

one other thing that may be of interest, i have heard that you cannot use ddr3200 (400mhz) memeory with a 266mhz proc. no doubt someone will prove me wrong on that one but i accept it may be worng. probably only applied to very early socket A boards.

  fitcher 15:10 20 Aug 2005

thanks all will take your advice ,,I have a computer with k7s8x and like you say I have had no problem with that board ,,later asrocks seem tempermental with memory ..will try other sticks ..and forget the reset switch ,and other spare motherboard led connections .just use power and hd led connections ,,cheers all

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