Fitting large HDD

  ened 06:33 06 Apr 2004

In a recent posting somebody mentioned that your BIOS or OS might reject a large HDD.

My mobo is a MSI K7N2 Delta and I am using XP pro.

How can I find out?

  powerless 06:48 06 Apr 2004

Well your mobo is fairly recent and XP has support for large drives.

What hard drive you thinking of?

  ened 07:16 06 Apr 2004


Do I take it you mean this was only a problem with older mobos?

I have never found the MSI site particularly helpful.

  powerless 07:30 06 Apr 2004

click here

Yes older BIOS and operating systems as well. XP can support HDD over 137GB. But you must have Service Pack 1 installed...

You Mobo supports SATA drives and they can be 250GB.

  ened 07:54 06 Apr 2004


Thanks for that Powerless

  temp003 07:54 06 Apr 2004

Your mobo supports Ultra ATA-133. Part of the specification of ATA-133 is support for IDE hdds larger than 137GB. BIOS should be no problem.

OS - If you have SP1 installed, that's no problem either.

  powerless 07:59 06 Apr 2004

Support 2 serial ATA + 1 ATA133


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