Fitting a laptop hard drive...

  Boffin Boy 20:11 06 Jan 2006

My laptop's hard drive needs to replaced, however I have hit a small problem. When taking my old drive out, I found that there was a thin sheet of metal and plastic stuck to the underside... All that I wanted to ask was, do I need to fit this to my new one?


  woodchip 20:19 06 Jan 2006

Does this hold the drive in??? if not it may be packing so the drive does not move about and come out of the socket

  Boffin Boy 20:22 06 Jan 2006

No, it doesn't hold it in, and it is so thin that it doesn't appear to be packing...
All that I was worried about was whether it is a shield or something.


  woodchip 20:28 06 Jan 2006

I would think it's packing. If it will fit on the new drive then see if the plate will go over it

  Ikelos 20:37 06 Jan 2006

is it not to stop the whole lot shorting out, to cover the circuit board..

  Boffin Boy 20:44 06 Jan 2006

I'm not sure... It is just a very thin peice of plastic covered in metal.

  Ikelos 20:54 06 Jan 2006

when you say metal, do you mean foil? what make is the laptop? i replaced the drive on my Dell inspiron, i emailed seagate to ask if they made a drive for it, they replied in less than a couple of hours with the model number and where i could get it from, ordered it online, perfect ever since..

  Boffin Boy 20:57 06 Jan 2006

Well, it is very thin, but I would not describe it as a foil... It is like a sheet of plastic covered with a sheet of metal with holes in the metal which, show plastic.


  Ikelos 21:04 06 Jan 2006

to start at the beginning, has the new drive got the plate, assuming the drive is the same, if not, you will not lose anything by getting it off, if you can, and fit it to the new drive..

  Boffin Boy 21:09 06 Jan 2006

The new drive is a different make, and doesn't have one of these... Do you think that I should fit it then, or should I just leave it...

p.s. I tried it without and it works fine.


  Kev.Ifty 21:16 06 Jan 2006

As per Ikelos' post. If this plate is on the circuit board side, it's probably an Anti-static shield.

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