Fitting front panel fan connections.

  Catastrophe 13:11 22 Nov 2005

I have an Enermax UC-9FATR2 front panel which has provision to monitor and control two fans. In the rear there are two 3-pin points to attach wiring. These are clearly marked. There are two connectors - I assume oner for each fan. There is one 'plug' on each which splits one red and one black and two yellow (from same connection) into red/black/yellow and the other just yellow and black. I assume one set is power and the other detection (temperature) but the manual is very skimpy on these connections.

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The mother board is ECS Elitegroup 741GX-M and I suppose there would have to be some fitting on it to enable control of fans? I see no mention in the manual.

Any ideas please?


  Catastrophe 15:56 22 Nov 2005

Some further information following looking inside case.

Fan extension wiring material x 2. This can only be these two with 3 connections per small plastic connector.

These have a connector at each end and one in the midle. I assume the middle one plugs into the front panel where shown in the manual. The panel has a 'tongue' so the connector can only be fitted one way. Wiring is 2 black red 2 yellow. Going in one direction there is a female connector like the one on the motherboard into which the fan plugs. I assume this accepts the connector from the fan which currently goes into the mobo. This is wired black red yellow corresponding to the fan to mobo connector. I assume the power supplied to the panel connects to the fan by this connector. Since the fan speed is controlled from the panel this seems logical.

In the other direction (from centre connector) go the extra single black and yellow wires mentioned above. There is no red wire here. Black and yellow are at either end of the connector with nothing between.

Features include:
LCD display for temperature and RPM speed
2 fan RPM and 2 temperature monitor display
Overheat alarm function
support the M/B detection; external signal wire.

I can see the RPM governed by the black/red/yellow wires from the panel and connecting to the fan.

Is the black//yellow something to do with detection e.g., temperature?

Any comments gratefully received.

  Catastrophe 06:47 23 Nov 2005

Do you think It might do any harm if I just connect the three wire connections and ignore the two wire connector? I know I will lose some functionality such as detection.


  Diodorus Siculus 07:37 23 Nov 2005

For what it's worth, my thermaltake case has 3 case fans and the mobo has detection connectors for only two with the effect that one is simply powered up all the time. There is no control of it - simply running all the time the PC is powered up. IT doesn't seem to be a problem.

  Catastrophe 07:56 23 Nov 2005

Ahhhh! Do you think the extra connector goes to the mobo. It would make sense having no red wire as that is now channelled through the front panel?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:37 23 Nov 2005

I am the last one to think of offering advice on something like this... I've limited experience of only one painful day trying to put together a system and I don't want to try it again :-)

Wait for someone else to confirm or take a look at the mobo website / case website for help.

  Gongoozler 09:28 23 Nov 2005

Have a look at this posting by me where I had a similar quandary, and eventually solved it myself click here

  Catastrophe 11:57 23 Nov 2005


Thanks for that. I previously worked out the 3-wire was to divert power through the panel to control fan speed. Looking in Troubleshooting (the manual is pathetic) I saw:

"1. Boot up fail (CPU fan detect fail by BIOS)
The CPU signal wire is properly unconnected [sic] to the M/B so you have to connect the extra signal wire for M/B detection."

This is the only mention of signal wire! So I disconnected the fan drom the mobo and plugged signal wire from panel into it and fan wire into other panel sochet. Hey presto fan controls worked and LED showed temperature.

However, I started getting error messages on boot, sometimes Windows stalling for ever. I had not connected multi-card reader or anything else other than firewire and USB-2 connections.

I think I can get it working but would appreciate any input from anyone. Having removed the panel, the computer is absolutely normal again.

Diodorus Siculus

Thanks also for responding. Sometimes just writing it down and getting replies stimulates a solution.


  Catastrophe 16:20 23 Nov 2005

Any ideas please why front panel moght cause this?

Panel out - works perfectly
Panel in - problems as described.

  Gongoozler 16:50 23 Nov 2005

The only thing I can suggest is that you disconnect the front panel firewire and USB. There is no standard for motherboard USB header pins, so if you've got these wrong you might well be upsetting the BIOS boot up.

  Catastrophe 18:25 23 Nov 2005


Thanks. I will try that tomorrow.


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