Fitting a DVD Wrtr but which other drive is best

  Giggle n' Bits 11:26 20 Jul 2004

to compliment the DVD Wrtr. ?

I take it a DVD Wrtr can be a CD Wrt and also a DVD player ?

Ideally which other drive should compliment the DVD wtr please.

  Maineman 11:36 20 Jul 2004

Your DVD writer should write to CD also. I use a cd writer and dvd writer for 'on the fly' copying. Both available very cheaply these days.

  stlucia 13:03 20 Jul 2004

Like Maineman, I would recommend a CD writer. The reason is that I've found that CDs written on my CD writer are more reliable than CDs written on my DVD burner -- I don't know why, but for the price of new CD writers it's useful to have the alternative.

  Sans le Sou 14:08 20 Jul 2004

You can burn 2 CDs at a time too,if your software supports it

  €dstowe 14:15 20 Jul 2004

Most of my machines now have a DVDRW, a CDRW and a DVD ROM.

I reserve the DVDRW for writing DVDs, CDRW for writing CDs and the DVD ROM as a general purpose player for CDs and DVDs. DVD ROM machines are very cheap now and can almost be described as disposable so, if it gets messed up, it's no big loss. The price difference between the machine types is becoming less and less now so I may be rethinking this policy soon:-)


  Giggle n' Bits 21:07 20 Jul 2004

The way I read so far is a dedicated CD Wrtr and a slave DVD Wrtr.

  Giggle n' Bits 21:09 20 Jul 2004


  THE TERMINATOR 23:02 20 Jul 2004

Yes a CD writer and dvd writer is the best option....TT

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