Fitting additional Hard Disc

  Bagsey 15:39 09 Apr 2006

I have an elderly computer running win 98SE it was short on memory and only had a 10 Gig HD. I have put in an extra 250 meg of Ram and an extra 10 gig hard dis as a slave.All ok. But I have a 20 gig Hard disk that I want to put in in place of the 10 gig slave. I set the jumper to slave and fitted it into the computer. It is recognised as a slave but is not showing up in My Computer?? Can someone please tell me why this is and how to correct this. I want to reformat it to get rid of the data before I give the machine to a local youth group.Thanks for any help.

  ed-0 15:44 09 Apr 2006

" It is recognised as a slave but is not showing up in My Computer??"

Where is it recognised as a slave?

Has it been used in a system as NTFS?

  rawprawn 15:45 09 Apr 2006

Control Panel/Admin Tools/Computer Management/Disc Management/Right Click on the drive you want to format/Format

  ed-0 15:47 09 Apr 2006

It's running 98se.:-(

  rawprawn 15:51 09 Apr 2006

Sorry about that! Just ignore me.

  Bagsey 15:54 09 Apr 2006

I see it in the checks that the computer goes through on startup. POST???is that the correct name for those checks?

  ed-0 15:55 09 Apr 2006

Of course we will not ignore you.:-)

Good to see you posting more.;-)

  ed-0 16:03 09 Apr 2006

Yes that is POST, so you think the bios is seeing it and not windows.

Then it just may be NTFS. At least if the bios sees it, the motherboard has no limitation for 20gig drives.

Check it in fdisk >

Start the computer with the windows 98se disk in the cdrom drive. Hopefully it will be set to boot from cdrom.

Pick start windows with cdrom support and let it load to a prompt. > a:
type fdisk and press enter after this.

Press y to enable large disk support and only pick option 5, if it is listed.

What are the readings?

Don't use any other option.

When you have the readings, if option 5 is there. Just keep pressing the esc. key to get out of fdisk.

  Bagsey 16:14 09 Apr 2006

Thanks for that info will give it a try and come back later.

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