fitted new second hard drive Now problems

  shippy 17:53 03 Mar 2003

i fitted a second hard drive yesterday and all seem to be well.
But i now seem to be getting problems.

1)when i start up it says that it is a 900mhz when it should be a 1200

2)on start up it says second slave atapi cd rom
then further down the list it says second slave atapi incompatible press f1 to resume then windows starts up.

i also cant find my cd rom i gather i have got it all connected up wrong but not sure how.

please help before i do anymore damage.
thanks in advance

  MartinT-B 18:00 03 Mar 2003


Read the rest of the msg.

Will take you to the BIOS setting to reconfigure.

Have you set the 2nd HDD as a 'slave'?
Are both HDD's on the same IDE cable? - they should be.

Do you have your manual?

What Motherboard and Operating system do you have?

  Rtus 18:02 03 Mar 2003

Firstly remove the second Hd you fitted then Rebbot see if your Cpu speed is Ok now ..You would need to know where On the Ide ports your installing the second hard drive to ..That depends on what you have fitted now..and where. Also post which O/s your using just in case..

  shippy 18:04 03 Mar 2003

both hard drives are on the same cable.
and the other cable i got running from the motherboard to the cd rom and then to the cd/rw

im running xp pro and i have a elite ks75a motherboard

  MartinT-B 18:06 03 Mar 2003

Adding 2nd HDD

click here

click here

click here (easiest to follow)

  MartinT-B 18:09 03 Mar 2003

seems like a master/slave conflict.

Check settings on back of new HDD and set bios.

Follow links above (print off is easier, then you don't have to remember).

Slowly does it!

Your CD and CD-R/RW should be fine, but check their settings (master/slave) at the same time.

  Rtus 18:10 03 Mar 2003

Under normal circumstances the original hard drive should be Primary IDE (mobo IDE1)as master (also depending on Udma of hard drive a Cdrom could be fitted as slave to the same port. The secondry IDE port (moboIDE2)can again have a master and slave fitted . but the drives in all cases must have its jumpers set to match position its on the cables..

  MartinT-B 18:12 03 Mar 2003

formatting your new drive on XP maight be a problem once you have sorted out your conflicts.

If so, let us know

  shippy 18:17 03 Mar 2003

ive formatted the new drive all ready and have files saved in it already.

my old hard drive i have set as master and the new 1 as slave.

do i have the ide cables right?

and as for the 1200 saying its a 900 that has happened before but i cant remember how to reset it.

ps)thanks for your help

  MartinT-B 18:23 03 Mar 2003


I'm Stumped :)

The F1 msg you get on boot means that there is a bios problem.

Pressing F1 ingnores the problem and continues the boot into windows.

What is the rest of the msg you get.

That may well give a clue - maybe you need to check your ide settings in your Bios.

What bios have you got? (I'm hoping it's not award bios).

  MartinT-B 18:25 03 Mar 2003

PS you can change your Processor setting from 900 to whatever it should be in the BIOS too

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