First time visitor in need of your wisdom, please

  pixie-egg 19:41 17 Feb 2004

I'm sorry if this is a really mundane question, but ive been set the task of buying my 14 year old brother a computer, with a budget of a thousand pounds, by my recently retired dad. My question is- will i be wasting his money if i buy an evesham AMD64 Axis 3000+? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  SGT [email protected] 19:45 17 Feb 2004

what sort of thing will it be used for ?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:46 17 Feb 2004

What does he want it for?

Does he need any sort of peripherals? Printer, scanner, etc?

  961 19:48 17 Feb 2004

Yes, you will.

If you want an Athlon 64, wait until autumn, when new spec motherboards and processors will arrive making the current configuration obsolete

Depending on what your brother wants to do I suggest an Athlon XP 2500-3000 at £700 max with a good CRT monitor

Get the Windows disk

Don't pay for extended warranty. If it is going wrong it will happen in first 6 months

  pixie-egg 20:01 17 Feb 2004

i think he's wanting to use it for a bit of everything, games, watching dvd's, downloading things, even hopefully his schoolwork. i just want to get him the best i can for the money. this is the most anybody in our family has spent barring maybe a house or a car!

  Gaz 25 20:10 17 Feb 2004

Good luck in finding a system, and take the above advice. ;-)

PS. Welcome to PCA forums.

Gaz 25

  pixie-egg 20:16 17 Feb 2004

Thanks Gaz. Its very nice to be here! i cant help being a little dissapointed with the lack of help though, (not including 961, thank you)

  Diodorus Siculus 20:21 17 Feb 2004

Have a look at the superbudget offerings in the reviews sections. click here for some of them.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:22 17 Feb 2004

And, does he need printer, scanner etc? That will influence how a thousand pounds will best be spent.

  pixie-egg 20:25 17 Feb 2004

sorry for being so impatient. as far as i see it, my dad is thinking of adding the printer and scanner and things at a later date, so the thousand pounds is just on the oomputer

  Taw® 20:30 17 Feb 2004

why wait to get a printer later. £1000 pounds is a good price to get a good comp and all the peripherals for a first time. Check out Diodorus link and as 961 states do not waste money on extended warranties. Happy buying

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