First time setup, Zoostorm tower, problems with connecting to TV

  castiel333 15:24 31 Jan 2013

I have just purchased this PC in the link below:

I have plugged my VGA cable into the VGA socket into the tower that I linked above and I have plugged the other end of the VGA cable into the VGA socket of my TV.

I am fairly new to and I do not understand why it is saying "no signal" when it is on the PC channel of my TV.

on the VGA cable there are two bolts on each side and on the VGA socket of my TV there are also two small holes which looks like the screw may have to enter them. However, I have connected a Laptop to the TV without screwing the bolts into the small holes and it worked fine, the laptop screen was on my TV which is what I expected.

With a tower, do I need to screw the two bolts into the small sockets of the VGA socket on my TV?

  northumbria61 15:30 31 Jan 2013

The two bolts that you refer to are just to secure the cable connection. Make sure you have pushed the VGA cable all the way in to ensure a good connection.

  Chronos the 2nd 16:01 31 Jan 2013

You are better connecting Via a HDMI cable as VGA only transmits graphics and not audio.

If I were you I would just check that VGA is not listed in the inut list on your TV.

What make/model of TV have you?

  SillBill 16:04 31 Jan 2013

Chronos, those Zoostorm Towers don't appear to have HDMI connections but they do have DVI-D

  castiel333 13:29 01 Feb 2013

Thank you so much for all your help.

I have just bought an HDMI cable as was recommended here and it worked straight away!

Really appreciated, thank you.

  SillBill 13:32 01 Feb 2013

Oops, jovigirl, looks like your Zoostorm DID have an HDMI socket!

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