First time set up of Wireless router with an I Pad

  iscanut 15:51 12 Dec 2012

When you set up a wireless router for the first time with a pc, one uses the ethernet cable to do this. How does one do this with an I Pad as there is no ethernet cable connection as far as I know.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:13 12 Dec 2012

" How does one do this with an I Pad as there is no ethernet cable connection..."

Use a wireless connection. New routers will either have no wireless security enabled, or if they do, the details will be on the back of the router or on a leaflet in the box. When you've logged into the router via WiFi you can carry out all the configuration tasks you need.

  iscanut 16:39 12 Dec 2012

Thanks, but I was wondering how you connect without having set up your IP details and log in passsword etc... Woolwell..I was thinking of the scenario of having just an I Pad and no other pc.

  onthelimit1 16:43 12 Dec 2012

Same as an iPhone - settings, wifi, choose a network then input the security code.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:52 12 Dec 2012

"but I was wondering how you connect without having set up your IP details and log in passsword etc.."

Sorry but I don't know what you mean regarding "IP details" - you don't need to know that stuff as the router and your Internet provider assign you all the IP addresses you need automatically.

To configure a router via WiFi you first establish a wireless connection between your iPad and router. Next, open up the Safari browser and type the address of the router's configuration screen into the Address Bar - it's usually an address that looks like etc. Once you're in you can setup all the details for your Internet provider and change any wireless settings. Additionally, nowadays a lot of web-based router configuration screens have a "Quick Setup" option that makes the whole process remarkably easy.

The worst that can happen is that if you change a wireless setting you may get disconnected and you'll need to reconnect again.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:05 12 Dec 2012

........should've added that the router is likely to come with a leaflet or booklet giving you specific information about what's required to access the router's browser-based configuration screens. It's usually easy and you certainly don't need a PC or laptop to set it up.

  Forum Editor 17:57 12 Dec 2012

You shouldn't need to do anything in the router's settings if it was supplied by your broadband provider. If it wasn't, you'll need to configure it yourself, using the settings you were given by the broadband provider.

Your iPad will automatically detect the router (and that of everyone else in the vicinity). All you have to do is select yours from the list and tell the iPad to connect. Enter the network key when you're asked for it,and you'll be online. After that the iPad will connect automatically, every time you turn it on within range.

  iscanut 18:56 12 Dec 2012

Thanks all..IP = Internet Provider !

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